Monday, 11 July 2016

Vote for me, or I will refuse to recognise your Vote?

These last 2 weeks have uncovered to us, the normal ordinary Labour Voters and Members, just how morally bankrupt and corrupt the Parliamentary Labour Party became under the Blairites.

We now know that the PLP as a general whole, has no love for Democracy, in fact some of the 172 MP's plotting against Corbyn have openly sneered at the democratic choices of Labour Voters. 

We also clear now that the Blairites swamped the whole of the PLP with people of their own kind, right wing extremists posing as socialists.  They are nothing of the sort.  Their actions these last two weeks prove that whatever integrity they once possessed has long ago been sacrificed in the pursuit of their own mammon and political ambition, for what else can explain the collusion of 172 MP's, over a ten month period, to act so aggressively against the direct wishes of The Labour Party's own members?

Their continued actions and words have revealed to The People, that the PLP has a complete and utter contempt for the ordinary Labour Members, and hold their views, their desires, their demand for social justice, in equal contempt.  

These 172 conspirators have repeatedly manufactured stories, spread lies and misrepresentations about Jeremy Corbyn throughout the whole of their ten month long plot in an attempt to oust Jeremy Corbyn as leader by the means of a drip - drip - drip campaign designed to do as much damage as they could to the Labour Party Leadership.

Indeed - the outrageous defamations of Jeremy Corbyn's good character are matched only by the constant lies and attacks against his supporters.  Too often I have seen slander launched in the News Media as fact, by Labour MP's stating that so and so called them X Y or Z, yet upon closer inspection, it is revealed that it is they, the MP's themselves who have been initially disrespectful and disparaging towards the members, who then retaliate and return their own invective in the heat of the moment, perhaps foolishly?

This contempt, mixed with a disrespect bordering on outright loathing for young Labour Members, is still shocking to me, and one that I have never before seen so openly expressed by any political party's Parliamentarians, against its own grass roots base in my lifetime.

Every single one of these 172 MP's have revealed to us their true nature and their real political bent and, I am very sad to say, I think it is about time that every single one of them should be immediately replaced by men and women from their own constituency who have no connection to these plotters and, who are not right wing malcontents disguised as socialists.

Harold Wilson once said that, "The Labour Movement is a Moral Crusade or it is nothing," and he was 100% correct.

The Tories have no morality, we all know this to be an absolute truth which for 6 years now, they have proven over and over again as they launched vicious attacks time and again against our poorest citizens, the unemployed, the single mums, the disabled.

But in comparison to the 172 PLP MP's who have plotted against the direct wishes of ordinary Labour Members, these Tory MP's shine like a beacon of probity and virtuous integrity.

Owen Smith MP say's loudly that  "He is not prepared to see the Labour Party Split by Jeremy Corbyn,"  as he launches himself as a candidate for the leadership of the Party?

This begs the obvious question doesn't it?

He wants your vote but he will not allow the ordinary members to have their Democratically Elected choice of Leader because members voted for Jeremy Corbyn?

It is the same with Angela Eagle? 

She wants' to be leader of the Labour Party, and she will be demanding your democratic vote, but will not respect your previous democratic choice because members democratically chose Jeremy Corbyn?

There used to be a name for that kind of behaviour...


  1. so sad ifeel the poor have no one to helpthem

  2. Thank you so much for this powerful and succinct opinion.

  3. Whilst I applaud the sentiments expressed, and agree with you, perhaps you might like to review your call for those 172 MPs to be replaced by 'men'? Women can be MPs as well, you know. x

    1. I was using the general but will edit to suit your specific point

  4. Well said. I'll be having a word with Mr Smith myself. He claims to support my bedroom tax case but not my vote for Corbyn. Duplicitous Imo.