Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The Privatisation of the NHS is a deliberate assault on Democracy.

What people today seemingly fail to realise is, that this continued attack on our NHS and our education system by the Tories, and those powers who want to privatise both, is nothing less than an assault on our Democracy itself.

Before the NHS only rich people could afford health care, or pensions, or to live in a healthy environment. Indeed this issue of fair distribution of wealth is the whole underpinning of any Democracy.  The moment this ceases to be the natural orthodoxy is the moment Democracy begins to die.

Prior to universal suffrage only rich people could guarantee an education for their children and thus assure for themselves that the generations of their family to come would have a better life than they. 
Thus the assault on our NHS and our Education system by the super rich is an attack upon the very foundations of society itself. It is a deliberate and maliciously planned assault upon the freedoms which we currently benefit from, but routinely witness them slipping away as the rich patricians enact more and more laws to deny us the freedoms that the rich still enjoy.

Even today, here and now in 21st century Britain, the rich live on average 14 years longer than the poor.

Prior to the creation of the NHS 1 in 20 of you British Citizens would not even survive your birth.  In the United States of America today 2016, [a vastly richer country than our own],  the number of women dying as a result of pregnancy and childbirth is actually on the rise, and the direct cause of this is their system of privatised health care.

The hording of wealth by the few must viewed in this context and, instead of envying men and women who have billions squirreled away in offshore accounts and who pay no taxes as they deny the ordinary man a fair shake of the wealth that they create through their labours, we must instead view these super rich parasites as Traitors - for such is what they be.

No man ever got rich by the graft of his own labour alone.  Ergo we are all reliant upon each other and, those who do not wish to partake in our hardships must not be allowed therefore to partake in our pleasures, or benefit from the security of our good company or enrich themselves at our expense via the means of Privatisation which in essence is legalised Theft.

Now - the Main Stream Media, and certain political apologists will scream blue murder if you dare to demand a fair shake.  They will label you a TROTSKY - a COMMUNIST, but this is not what it is. 
Instead it is fellowship, it is comradeship, and demanding that these basic values be held to by everybody is not communism, it is nothing more, and nothing less than Justice!

The NHS and a freely available Education system which assure equality across the board is nothing less than your Human Right, it is your Democratic Right, and those who seek to deny it you or to enrich themselves like leeches with their privatisation schemes are nothing more than criminals in suits.

The Super Rich are not captains of industry, they are Criminals, they are Thieves, they are Parasites, they are Traitors, and they are the enemies of Democracy!

Friday, 26 August 2016

The Thought Police.

The right wing neoliberal MP's in the Labour Party do not care if the Labour Party is out of power for 10 years, just as long as the Party does not become a 'Left Leaning Socialist Party' that truly represents 'The People.' 

This eventuality must be stopped by any and all means, and if that means they destroy the Labour Party then so be it...

This is the bitter truth I have come to believe.

Their actions over the last few weeks and particularly over the last 48 hours must be viewed in this entirely within context. 

These people are not Democrats, they are not the champions of Democracy, they are the heralds of an establishment who cannot and will not, ever allow change and Democracy to rise and challenge the hegemony of the elitists who rule our society from their hidden chambers.

A lot of nonsense is spread across social media and MSN, about Trotsky's and Nazi's, about Communists.   These lies are repeated ad infinitum by MSN linking the rise of Jeremy Corbyn to an extremism which he has never espoused in an effort to cloud your thinking into a state of confused lethargy so that you will not study the reality behind their words and deeds.

What care the Right Wingers of the Labour Party if they be out of power for 10 years, it is nothing to them.  They are sitting pretty on £74,000 per year plus expenses [which routinely top £100,000].
What care they if the common man is crushed by Austerity?

What care they if PFI's transfer our wealth out of the NHS into the bank accounts of private Tax Dodging Criminals like Richard Branson, they are not going to be forced into using Foodbanks?

Their children won't be going hungry!

They will not have to choose between Heating and Eating this winter.

Their kids will be going to the best Universities, because they are living off our back like parasites whilst all the time crushing your voice, your will to resist the evils that they have willingly and maliciously embraced.

These people have denied good ordinary citizens the right to vote in their own party, and the Tory voters think this is a good thing, believing THEY are protected because they vote Tory.
They are not, as they will all too soon find out.

Any challenge to Democratic principles within ANY Political Party is a challenge to the ideology of Democracy anywhere.  The moment a voice is silenced, the moment a vote denied is the moment Tyranny begins.

The Blairites [and they are Blairites - despite them claiming they are not -"I wasn't even an MP when he was Leader" they cry.  No sunshine but your were recruited by his acolytes]  labelled Jeremy Corbyn supporters  'Corbynistas' very early on when Jeremy Corbyn was campaigning for the leadership 11 months ago, and I noticed immediately that they used the word in the exact same way racists use the word N-Word.

Then as the second vote closed they labelled  Corbyn Supporters 'Nazi's who act like Fascist Storm-troopers' others called them Lefty Scum, and TROTSKY'S. Screaming in MSN about conspiracies to take over the party and plunge the nation into the hands of [wait for it] Russia and President Putin.
I'm not making that up. I wish I was, but alas I am not.

Then came the ban of 130,000 members from voting AFTER THEY HAD TAKEN THEIR MONEY.
Now their desperation to stop young people rejecting their neoliberal ideology of super elitism is manifest for all to see.  Now as thousands young and old Labour Party Members are being cast out or suspended from voting for using WORDS - or in point of fact 'voicing any criticism of them at all in any format', it must be plain for even the most forgiving of Left Leaning Party members that these people are in point of fact, not Socialists at all.

What they are is Fascists.

They ban people for using words.

They ban people for speaking on MSN against them.

They ban Union Leaders.

What next?



Will they get people to scour through your correspondence as the Gestapo did in Germany in the 1930's, searching for evidence of anti-party language?

Will they get your children to denounce you in public for speaking against them over the breakfast table as the Gestapo did?

Will they listen to randomised denunciations of ordinary Party members from an extremist section of their cabal?

Well apart from the children thing, all the rest is happening - NOW - IN THE 21st CENTURY in Britain.

They have soured twitter accounts, [which is correspondence] seeking evidence of anti-Neoliberal thoughts.

They have used denunciations from extremist members of their cabal to deny people votes.

And they have done these things and provided NO PROOF of wrong doings - NOT THAT THE USE OF WORDS IS WRONG or that criticism of them is in anyway illegal.  They may make it seem thus by acting in this Totalitarian way, but trust me ladies and gentlemen - 'it isn't!!!'

People who once supported The Green Party but have been persuaded to join Labour have been denied a vote, citing their 'unsuitability to lend support to Labour Values'?

Yet Lord Sainsbury [a right wing oligarch] who funded the Liberal Democrats up the ying yang, donating £2,125,000 to help fund their cause which directly challenges the aims, goals, ideal of the Labour Movement whilst at the same time funding right wingers within the Labour Party [Progress] to advance their cause, is allowed to walk amongst us like he is the God of Munificence, a benevolent overseer who can do no wrong?

Well of course to the Blairites he is a benevolent overseer, but the rest of us have a very different name for that kind of behaviour.


Tyranny exists when those who govern us consistently practice an arbitrary or unrestrained exercise of power.  There is Democracy or there is Tyranny.  Everything in-between is Tyranny dressed up in sheep's clothing.

These people are wolves and we are the flock they are preying upon.

They take our money, and sit in their ivory towers, milking the people for their luxuriant lifestyles.  £74,000 a year plus expenses is Luxury, what care they if you should be made homeless, if your Motability scooter is taken away because of Austerity.  What care they if Tax Dodging Criminals rip us off daily with their privatised but publicly built utilities and transport networks?

More public money goes into the rail network now than it ever did when it was in public ownership.  They seize our assets and profit from them but we pay for any risk incurred as they squirrely away billions in their off-shore hidden accounts.

These people are involved in a conspiracy so colossal most folks cannot even begin to comprehend, at least not until the advent of Social Media and readily accessible data via the internet.

This is why they seek to crush whistleblowers. To take back control of the internet. To spy on ordinary citizens emails and online communications, not to protect us from terrorism, but to protect Them from YOU.


This is why they ban your vote, why they try so very hard to silence you, they want us to return to the old status quo, to a time when they were safe from criticism, where nobody challenged their hegemony, and their golden child.

Marcus Aurelius warned us of such attitudes when he said - 'YOU ARE A SLAVE, YOU HAVE NO VOICE'!

Now in the 21st Century, it alas seems the Tyranny he warned us of has returned.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Faithless is he who stabs Caesar in the back as he calls him friend to his face.

Dear Owen.

We reap that which we sow!

You sir have sent me repeated e-mails begging me to support your cause but alas I cannot, for I find you to be utterly untrustworthy. 

You have proven yourself false at every hurdle and, despite being given every opportunity to act in an honourable manner, you have chosen instead to follow a most disloyal and base path, acting in a manner more in keeping with that of the treacherous warlocks within the Conservative Party who in the end, always turn on their leader.

I cannot think of a worse fate for Labour Party Members, and the ordinary man on the street, than for the leadership of our Party to fall into your careless hands, unless of course if Tony Blair should return to the fray and, openly taking back control of the party as leader if, or rather when, your coup should fail.
Thankfully that eventuality is less likely now than ever because of the Iraq War Report.

You sir have besmirched hundreds of thousands - possibly millions, of good decent Labour Voters with your campaign of disinformation and smears. 

You and your backers have defrauded 130,000 new and returning Labour Members of their money and, used this money to deny them their democratic right to vote in their own party.  

You have sullied the name of a good and honest man with insinuation and despicable untruths, and continue to do so.

This is not the kind of leader any sane man could condone; the nation had enough of that kind of thing under the Neoliberal Golden Child's rotten stewardship.

Your conduct and that of your 172 colleagues, has brought the name of the Labour Party into disrepute for all to see and, [perhaps worst of all sins] you and your fellow coup plotters have laid out a design which has already, and can but only - further strengthen The Conservative Party in the run up to next General Election.  
By exposing the true nature of the PLP [and other coup plotters] as being treacherous, you and they have left the Party open to the disapprobation of the entire nation by acting so appallingly.  

I am very sorry to have to say this, but a man such as yourself is unfit to lead a Socialist Movement, set up to give the common working man a voice, a voice which YOU have conspired [with others] to maliciously deny them.

Lastly, should you be unsuccessful in your bid to overthrow the current democratically elected leader of our Party, all those who currently support you in the PLP will soon abandon you to the obscurity that you now alas, merit. 

Even if, as you have openly vowed, you personally stick to your word on this one promise, and never work with Jeremy Corbyn should he retain our confidences as leader, then still the PLP will betray you, and this is perhaps the most surprising thing about your campaign for me.

That you cannot understand that - betrayers betray because they are betrayers and will ergo sooner or later betray you 'even if you succeed?' - is mindboggling.

Ergo I will not now, nor will I ever support you or your cause.  

If I was not so thoroughly disgusted with your behaviour and that of your followers on social media [who are constantly vile], the news media, and your 172 co-conspirators in the PLP, then I could feel great pity for you.  

As it is however, you have sown for yourself - and perhaps the Labour Movement, - a bitter harvest, and when reaped we will find the taste very sour indeed. 

With deep sadness.


Thursday, 18 August 2016

Taking My Ball Home...

What if I were to tell you, that unless you voted for me to be the next Leader of The Labour Party in a leadership contest, that I as a Member of Parliament for the Labour Party, I would refuse point blank to work with the leader of your choice if you voted for the other guy in that election. Would you still think me worthy of your vote?

Or instead, would you deem me as a person incapable of real Leadership, somebody only capable of sulking like a petulant pre-adolescent if I do not get my own way?

Now, what if I were to also tell you, that if you voted for me to be the next Leader of The Labour Party I would promise to seek out and sit down with rapists, mass murderers, child abusers, racists, and the very worst scum of the Earth, and try to work out a deal with them to stop doing these terrible things, but, (and this is the salient point here,) that at no point would I ever sit down with your elected choice of leader, or serve under or alongside a good, honest, decent man, who has always advocated 'peace not war' if you chose to make him leader instead of me?

What then?

What if, lastly, I told you that if you voted for me to be the next Labour Leader, not only would I pursue a policy of renewing our Nuclear Weapons and spending billions upon billions of pounds on these ridiculous weapons to enhance the size of my tiny dick just to make me seem resolute and decisive to the stupid little England voters who has not a brain cell between the lot of them, even though Field Marshals, Generals, Admirals, and Air Vice Marshals have all stated that "Trident is a colossal waste of money which could be better spent elsewhere," - and that also I have publicly avowed to you all that I would use these ridiculous weapons, would you, could you vote for me knowing I am such an imbecile.

Think about it for a moment. 

If I cannot even sit down with your elected leader and work with him or her just because I lost the vote, would you really vote for me, knowing that if I became Prime-Minister that I would ignore the advice of Field Marshals, Generals, Admirals, and Air Vice Marshals when it came to the matter of killing millions of human being and, put your children at risk for a retaliation by hundreds of such weapons?

If so, if you are willing to vote for such a man, then you might as well admit to yourself that in point of fact you are as insane as a Donald Trump supporter.

Oh and if you do - I will be standing to be the next Labour MP to jump on the neoliberal gravy train, so vote ME, because nothing says sane like a vote for your own destruction.