Monday, 22 August 2016

Faithless is he who stabs Caesar in the back as he calls him friend to his face.

Dear Owen.

We reap that which we sow!

You sir have sent me repeated e-mails begging me to support your cause but alas I cannot, for I find you to be utterly untrustworthy. 

You have proven yourself false at every hurdle and, despite being given every opportunity to act in an honourable manner, you have chosen instead to follow a most disloyal and base path, acting in a manner more in keeping with that of the treacherous warlocks within the Conservative Party who in the end, always turn on their leader.

I cannot think of a worse fate for Labour Party Members, and the ordinary man on the street, than for the leadership of our Party to fall into your careless hands, unless of course if Tony Blair should return to the fray and, openly taking back control of the party as leader if, or rather when, your coup should fail.
Thankfully that eventuality is less likely now than ever because of the Iraq War Report.

You sir have besmirched hundreds of thousands - possibly millions, of good decent Labour Voters with your campaign of disinformation and smears. 

You and your backers have defrauded 130,000 new and returning Labour Members of their money and, used this money to deny them their democratic right to vote in their own party.  

You have sullied the name of a good and honest man with insinuation and despicable untruths, and continue to do so.

This is not the kind of leader any sane man could condone; the nation had enough of that kind of thing under the Neoliberal Golden Child's rotten stewardship.

Your conduct and that of your 172 colleagues, has brought the name of the Labour Party into disrepute for all to see and, [perhaps worst of all sins] you and your fellow coup plotters have laid out a design which has already, and can but only - further strengthen The Conservative Party in the run up to next General Election.  
By exposing the true nature of the PLP [and other coup plotters] as being treacherous, you and they have left the Party open to the disapprobation of the entire nation by acting so appallingly.  

I am very sorry to have to say this, but a man such as yourself is unfit to lead a Socialist Movement, set up to give the common working man a voice, a voice which YOU have conspired [with others] to maliciously deny them.

Lastly, should you be unsuccessful in your bid to overthrow the current democratically elected leader of our Party, all those who currently support you in the PLP will soon abandon you to the obscurity that you now alas, merit. 

Even if, as you have openly vowed, you personally stick to your word on this one promise, and never work with Jeremy Corbyn should he retain our confidences as leader, then still the PLP will betray you, and this is perhaps the most surprising thing about your campaign for me.

That you cannot understand that - betrayers betray because they are betrayers and will ergo sooner or later betray you 'even if you succeed?' - is mindboggling.

Ergo I will not now, nor will I ever support you or your cause.  

If I was not so thoroughly disgusted with your behaviour and that of your followers on social media [who are constantly vile], the news media, and your 172 co-conspirators in the PLP, then I could feel great pity for you.  

As it is however, you have sown for yourself - and perhaps the Labour Movement, - a bitter harvest, and when reaped we will find the taste very sour indeed. 

With deep sadness.


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