Thursday, 18 August 2016

Taking My Ball Home...

What if I were to tell you, that unless you voted for me to be the next Leader of The Labour Party in a leadership contest, that I as a Member of Parliament for the Labour Party, I would refuse point blank to work with the leader of your choice if you voted for the other guy in that election. Would you still think me worthy of your vote?

Or instead, would you deem me as a person incapable of real Leadership, somebody only capable of sulking like a petulant pre-adolescent if I do not get my own way?

Now, what if I were to also tell you, that if you voted for me to be the next Leader of The Labour Party I would promise to seek out and sit down with rapists, mass murderers, child abusers, racists, and the very worst scum of the Earth, and try to work out a deal with them to stop doing these terrible things, but, (and this is the salient point here,) that at no point would I ever sit down with your elected choice of leader, or serve under or alongside a good, honest, decent man, who has always advocated 'peace not war' if you chose to make him leader instead of me?

What then?

What if, lastly, I told you that if you voted for me to be the next Labour Leader, not only would I pursue a policy of renewing our Nuclear Weapons and spending billions upon billions of pounds on these ridiculous weapons to enhance the size of my tiny dick just to make me seem resolute and decisive to the stupid little England voters who has not a brain cell between the lot of them, even though Field Marshals, Generals, Admirals, and Air Vice Marshals have all stated that "Trident is a colossal waste of money which could be better spent elsewhere," - and that also I have publicly avowed to you all that I would use these ridiculous weapons, would you, could you vote for me knowing I am such an imbecile.

Think about it for a moment. 

If I cannot even sit down with your elected leader and work with him or her just because I lost the vote, would you really vote for me, knowing that if I became Prime-Minister that I would ignore the advice of Field Marshals, Generals, Admirals, and Air Vice Marshals when it came to the matter of killing millions of human being and, put your children at risk for a retaliation by hundreds of such weapons?

If so, if you are willing to vote for such a man, then you might as well admit to yourself that in point of fact you are as insane as a Donald Trump supporter.

Oh and if you do - I will be standing to be the next Labour MP to jump on the neoliberal gravy train, so vote ME, because nothing says sane like a vote for your own destruction.

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