Wednesday, 31 August 2016

The Privatisation of the NHS is a deliberate assault on Democracy.

What people today seemingly fail to realise is, that this continued attack on our NHS and our education system by the Tories, and those powers who want to privatise both, is nothing less than an assault on our Democracy itself.

Before the NHS only rich people could afford health care, or pensions, or to live in a healthy environment. Indeed this issue of fair distribution of wealth is the whole underpinning of any Democracy.  The moment this ceases to be the natural orthodoxy is the moment Democracy begins to die.

Prior to universal suffrage only rich people could guarantee an education for their children and thus assure for themselves that the generations of their family to come would have a better life than they. 
Thus the assault on our NHS and our Education system by the super rich is an attack upon the very foundations of society itself. It is a deliberate and maliciously planned assault upon the freedoms which we currently benefit from, but routinely witness them slipping away as the rich patricians enact more and more laws to deny us the freedoms that the rich still enjoy.

Even today, here and now in 21st century Britain, the rich live on average 14 years longer than the poor.

Prior to the creation of the NHS 1 in 20 of you British Citizens would not even survive your birth.  In the United States of America today 2016, [a vastly richer country than our own],  the number of women dying as a result of pregnancy and childbirth is actually on the rise, and the direct cause of this is their system of privatised health care.

The hording of wealth by the few must viewed in this context and, instead of envying men and women who have billions squirreled away in offshore accounts and who pay no taxes as they deny the ordinary man a fair shake of the wealth that they create through their labours, we must instead view these super rich parasites as Traitors - for such is what they be.

No man ever got rich by the graft of his own labour alone.  Ergo we are all reliant upon each other and, those who do not wish to partake in our hardships must not be allowed therefore to partake in our pleasures, or benefit from the security of our good company or enrich themselves at our expense via the means of Privatisation which in essence is legalised Theft.

Now - the Main Stream Media, and certain political apologists will scream blue murder if you dare to demand a fair shake.  They will label you a TROTSKY - a COMMUNIST, but this is not what it is. 
Instead it is fellowship, it is comradeship, and demanding that these basic values be held to by everybody is not communism, it is nothing more, and nothing less than Justice!

The NHS and a freely available Education system which assure equality across the board is nothing less than your Human Right, it is your Democratic Right, and those who seek to deny it you or to enrich themselves like leeches with their privatisation schemes are nothing more than criminals in suits.

The Super Rich are not captains of industry, they are Criminals, they are Thieves, they are Parasites, they are Traitors, and they are the enemies of Democracy!

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