Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The Hawks of Westminster.

While we slumber dangers lurk
Beneath a slate dimmed sea,
A cold warrior rises
As it targets you and me.

Tis murder on the greatest scale
These Westminster popinjays toy with.
And like some demented dervish -
They cast about with reckless gamble
In the merciless Winds of War.

Smug, well fed, and so self pleased
They rattle in puny chambers,
Their blustered s’words
Demand accords
All worthless and unstable.

They yearn for past Empires glories
Which were once - but never true!
For in their wretched hearts
They think themselves our betters’
For their blood is Eton Blue.

But across the Steppes, The Bear it grumbles
And weak men - with no memory of battle,
Print lurid fantasies, in putrid rags
As imagined sabres they do rattle!

Platitudes and useless chestnut
Are written large across their paper
As The Eton Rifles snort cocaine
on Westminster thrones
Imagining themselves Iskander

But Iskander is a Missile
That contradicts their putrid lie.
And Russia is where
Megalomaniacal men -
Send their vainglorious Armies to die.

It was always thus...

Meanwhile our Minister
In charge of education,
Is busy proclaiming
“World War One was a righteous cause.
That Jingoism should be taught and -
That Britain has no flaws.”

And The BBC takes up his xenophobia
And elevates it to common stink
As they program another generation
To fight - but not to think.

The Ballad of the Stupid...
“For Queen and Country boys” they cry
Hiding at the back.
But the mothers can, already hear -
The machine guns Rat-a-tat.

Who would want a war these days?
Knowing that the loss.
Would be two generations gone,
At so terrible a cost?

And across the sea a coward
Hides in his command post
For Hagel has decreed -
“Obey or you are toast”.

The more we learn, the more we know,
The more their villainy confounded.
Let us not forget Iraq
And their Weapons claims unfounded.

They spy on every Citizen
They spy on Allies too.
They spy on their own Governments
There’s been a covert coup.

The Nazi’s may have lost the war
Yet they remain at the heart of every Nation
That evil stink you can smell?
Is the death of emancipation.

They crush protest across the world
And impose some foetid laws,
Which make for our poverty -
While they eat Hors d'oeuvres!

The time to rise is here my friends,
Lest they bring us Nuclear Winter.
They seek to silence our mass’ed voice
And kill Truth with a Whimper.

The Fascist and the corporatist
Are but the same beast.
Feeding at the trough
Of our public feast -

Paid for by us poor men
Who never once taste of its bounty?
Denied our rightful share
Our ‘Society’ long discounted.

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