Saturday, 8 October 2016

No Dogs. No Irish. No Muslims. No Blacks.

So the British Government [The Conservative Party] has ordered the LSE  [that's The London School of Economics folks] to remove all non-British Academics from a Brexit-related project, presumably because they might criticise the British Government [The Conservative Party] over its utter incompetence regarding Brexit?

Now the FCO [that's The Foreign Office folks] cited 'Security Concerns' surrounding these 'non-British Academics' and their involvement in writing policy briefs about the right-wing establishments plans going forwards into Brexit, literally declaring these Academic's as 'persona non grata'.

Now for those of you who are not really familiar with the definition of the term 'persona non grata' let me enlighten you, hopefully without being a condescending ass.

'Persona non grata' is a person or persons [and in some cases an organisation or governments] who are deemed as unacceptable or unwelcome, especially so to governments, foreign and domestic.
An example of this would be if we knew the president of a South American state, let us say Chile for example, if we knew he was a mass murderer, then our government could declare the president and his government 'persona non grata'.

What this means in real terms is, that Under Article 9 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, a government can at any time declare somebody persona non grata and, that anybody thus declared, is deemed to be without the usual diplomatic and civil protections.

Or in words less grandiose - The government is pronounced publicly that 'it is now open season on the newly reviled person or organisation'.  

Basically it means 'you are fucked sunshine!'

Which kind of makes it strange that The Conservative Government, who only last week were hailing The London School of Economics Academics as 'World Class!' should today be declaring these 'World Class Intellectuals' as persons without formal protections?

The very next day, Theresa May stood on a platform of the Conservative Party Conference [CPC] and reviled so called foreigners, but this deeply racist creature has a history of encouraging racial hatred with tactics like the 'Racist Van'.

 But I do not want to focus on the now infamous 'Racist Van' instead I want to look at a larger picture of her words deeds and actions, for she is but a pin head of a far wider descent into the abyss of racial hatred.

It was Theresa May who introduced a £35,000 earnings threshold for non-EU migrants whether they be Academics, Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, or even Number 10 cleaners [who appear to be exempt from this rule for some reason.]

Now the British National Average Wage is £26,000.  So with her new rules a migrant doctor must earn over 50% more than a British Doctor to remain in this country. When the cretinism of this policy was pointed out to this disgusting creature she granted a temporary exemption for nurses working in the NHS, but the key word there is 'Temporary'.

Then of course there is her open hatred of 'The European Human Rights Act', drawn up incidentally, by British Lawyers to protect British People, and foreign nationals, from the vile abuses of their respective governments.  And can you guess which European Government has been most criticised for their abuses under the 'The European Human Rights Act'?

If you don't know ask the next disabled person you meet, I am sure many of them can tell you?
What is particularly interesting about her Anti-European stance is that she is all in favour of extraditing 'suspected criminals' without any evidence to any EU country [this also extends to America].

The key words in that statement of course are 'WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE' which brings me very nicely back to the London School of Economics Academics and Intellectuals whom Theresa May this week hates, but only last week hailed as 'world class'.

The FCO quickly rushed out one of their little wankspittles to blab a load of old bollocks to The Press about how - “Britain is an outward-looking nation and we will continue to take advice from the best and brightest minds, regardless of nationality.”

Of course the uber-right wing news media reported this load of bollocks as 'sensible orthodoxy', mainly because in a Nation where 'FACTS and SCIENCE' contradict the policies of Government and Tory Politicians can freely claim that people have had enough of 'Experts', the truth and reality of our world must never be allowed to interfere with demagoguery of the right wing and hateful extremist fantasy of this repellent creature who has finally seized control of the Nation.

In the 1930's, the Nazi's banned academics and declared people 'persona non grata' for as little reason as Theresa May has done in 2010 - 2016. 

It is therefore little wonder that she resembles Adolf Hitler far more than she does Winston and, that this Nation, which once so proudly stood as a citadel, a bulwark against the dark abyss of Fascism, is now being deliberately and maliciously, thrust deeper and faster into the welcoming arms of totalitarianism.

Tyranny always begins when we remain silent as they attack intellectualism and rid us of the encumbrance of 'Inconvenient Facts'.

"First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me."

                                                        - Pastor Friedrich Gustav Emil Martin Niemöller