Wednesday, 29 March 2017

This England

This stinking cesspool of kings, this mouldering isle,
This land of stupid, a mass of mewling fools,
This American Lapdog, this demi-hell,
This fortress prison, now isolated from her greatest market,
Ruined by men and women whose avarice knows no bounds,
This criminal breed of chancers, ripping off the world,
This now worth less stone, set off shore in an angry sea,
Which serves as a prison chamber,
To keep us all therein, enslaved,
To Master’s whose money is hidden in happier lands,--
This criminal plot, organised by a criminal cartel, this racist realm, this is England.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Nigel Farage and the Bridge at Westminster.

For a moment, just for a moment, for the briefest length of time; let us suppose the everything that Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins tells us about the EU and immigration, [and incidentally the colour brown] is correct and, that only by extracting ourselves from the burgeoning dominance of the European Union can Great Britain ever again be independent Country and ‘In Control’ of its own destiny.

For this moment, let us also consider ourselves wrapped in their flag of independence, free of the yolk of slavery that they imagine the EU places on Great Britain; and for a further moment look at our future outside this Super State and try to imagine what that future might look like.

Nigel Farage and company are all very keen to point to Norway and scream “Look, Look, Norway is doing fine outside of the EU.”  They of course are careful not to mix this dirge up with their other Norwegian lament in which they proclaim “Look, Look, Norway has immigrants and they are raping white women everywhere you go, doom, death, mayhem wail,” holding this elegy up as a truth to show us stupid Brits just why we must stop immigrants and refugees coming into our country ‘lest we end up like Norway?’

Quite how Brexiters and Nigel Farage can hold both views of Norway, as a Paradise free of Immigrants because they are similarly free of EU membership, yet also as being a country overrun by ‘brown Muslim immigrants’ who are busy raping white women everywhere you look is a tale for another missive?

Yet this ridiculous narrative of taking back control is their cornerstone of their whole argument and nobody is really looking at it as a whole and carefully exposing this lie for what it is.
I said we should imagine ourselves wrapped in this rancid flag of UKIP/TORY independence, free of the yolk of slavery that they imagine the EU places on Great Britain and we should, because that future is very revealing and, in point of fact, is already unfolding before our very eyes.

It is a Nation in which crops go un-harvested because seasonal workers are not allowed into our country to pick the English Strawberries, and the ‘Brussel Sprouts’ that we Brits so love at Christmas time.  In other words, it is a Nation in which the prospect of mass famine is brought closer to our own shores, where Supermarkets shelves are empty of potatoes and other produce that are needed to feed an entire City... or did you think food magically appears out of the ether?

It is a Nation in which our beloved NHS collapses because Nurses and Doctors from other countries are excluded from our society on ideological grounds.  The Nation then reverts back to the 1800’s in which only the rich can afford any kind of healthcare and where cancer is a death sentence, oh and by the way, 50% of you WILL get cancer, no ifs, no buts, no fucking coconuts; extant stage left followed by a big fuck off bear.

It is a Nation which will be utterly beholden to a capricious ally who has a long history of shafting the British People and our Nation’s interests but now has the added danger of being under the dominion of a raving, narcissistic lunatic in the guise of President Trump, a man so utterly incompetent and outright delusional that he accused us, their so called greatest ally [which we never were] of spying on him for the forces of darkness known as ‘LIBERALS’ - whaaaaaaaaaaaa?

We have no control over our Independent Nuclear deterrent because guess what?  It isn’t Independent, never was, never will be.  Instead it is part of an integrated American system and not only do they [The American President] get the final say on whether we can launch these useless moronic Missiles, but you dear reader are the poor stupid schmucks who have been bamboozled into paying for the fucking things by a bunch of Americans who get richer off the backs of our Nuclear Deterrent [which would be better named as a Nuclear Con Job]

Ours is a Nation in which, farmers in Cornwall and Devon were convinced by Lying Shysters to vote to leave our BIGGEST MARKET [the EU], a Market which by the by, subsidised Devon and Cornish farmers up the ying-yang and now, having vociferously argued for this Brexit no deal no plan no clue throwback to the dark ages, these same farmers whine and cry about losing their ‘EU Subsidy’ because we are leaving the EU.

Well duh?

All this was entirely predictable.

In fact, many, many people predicted it but the fear mongers prevailed during the referendum and no FACTS will ever change the minds of these far right extremists.

YET - even the Welsh branch of the ‘UKIP Moron Society’ has come out and admitted openly that, [and I quote them here] - “Access to the European Single Market is 'CRITICAL' for Welsh farmers.”

This as the ‘UKIP Moron Society’ continues to post their adulation for their ‘white messiah’ Mr Nigel ‘I don’t do any work in the EU Parliament but still scam a hefty salary from them’ Farage, and a ‘nonexistent post-Brexit deal’.


When we Humans base our actions on ‘Dogma’ rather than ‘Researched Evidence’ the outcome is usually ‘Disaster,’ and this is exactly what Brexit is for the majority of future generations here in the UK.

Now I say the ‘Majority’ because there are in FACT some people who will ‘profit massively’ from Brexit.

These people already possess most of the wealth in this nation and certainly all the power.  All of these people are far right extremists who have systematically wrought a ruin on ordinary people’s lives as they have transferred your Tax Money into the private accounts of the super wealthy through various privatisation schemes, and all of them pushed for Brexit.

‘Quelle surprise?’

All of which brings us back to the present and the tumultuous disaster of the last 6, nearly 7 years.

By any measurable means, Austerity has been a pre-planned ‘Economic Terrorist Attack’ on our society by those with the most.  The most wealth, the most power, the most of this life’s opportunities. 
These people have, with ‘malice aforethought’, sought out every opportunity to rape our nation and to enrich themselves at the expense of the ‘public purse’. 

In 2010 the National Debt of Great Britain was approximately £950 Billion. Today in 2017, the National Debt stands close to £1.8 Trillion and yet, these conservative politicians in Westminster [of all Parties] continue to claim that Austerity was a much needed plan to drive down this National Debt.

This promise was an outright lie. A deception carried out against the British People by a Cartel of ‘Professional Criminals’ on a scale that has never before been seen in our long history and, despite all their promises, all the silky sounding soundbytes that these Economic Terrorists uttered in our fawning News Media Programs, Great Britain’s National Debt has doubled and worse, not a single Service or Utility or indeed life opportunity for the General Public has improved in any notable way.

In point of ‘FACT’, every Utility, Service, and Life Opportunity which pertains to the Ordinary Man and Woman in our society has dramatically worsened [almost in some cases to the point of collapse].

The NHS, our most prized creation, and under which we were all born, is today being deliberately run down by this Criminal Cartel in an effort to sell it off to their Masters at a cut down rate so that these ‘Criminal Godfathers of Finance and Big Business’ can massively enrich themselves once again at the public’s expense, i.e. ‘YOU’.

Our Brave Fire Fighters are under constant attack, Nurses are under constant attack, Paramedics are under constant attack, Independent Journalism is under constant attack, even the Military is being raped by these Criminals, and as for the man on the street?  Well they are getting poorer and poorer, with the margins of the middle classes being squeezed into a smaller and smaller group.

Yet, so tightly do these Criminals control our News Media, so pervasive is their Propaganda Power, that this Criminal Austerity, which has decimated the Nation in almost every way save BANKING, is sold constantly sold to the public as a genuine ‘well meaning policy’ and, despite all evidence proving it is anything but well meaning, this stinking Dogma rules the hearts and minds of ‘The People’ rather than the by now ‘Well Researched Evidence’ which PROVES it to be utterly malicious.

Lastly, did the EU need reforming?


But then again the EU was always being reformed, sometimes on a daily basis as our elected officials voted on issues and argued for changes. 

Indeed it is the whole fucking point of the EU Parliament, to debate rules, laws, think things through, make judgement based on FACTS not ideology and then pass these ideas on to the individual member states so they can ratify these ideas IF they wanted to... emphasis on the word 'IF'.

But that wasn’t enough for some people was it?  They didn’t want to change the world, they wanted to drive the nation back into the arms of the super rich profiteers and so instead of convincing us to stay in this noble fight to change the face of Europe they convinced 52% of people who could be bothered to fucking vote at all, to vote to run away like frightened little bitches. 

Now post the Brexit vote, we find that instead of a promised ‘Golden Up-field’ - where £350 million a week extra is spent on the NHS, this pledged NHS money is instead disappeared into god knows where and, the very people who voted for this fantasy are already getting poorer at exactly the same times as things are becoming more expensive.

Nigel Farage, Katie Hopkins, Michael Gove and others, are Fearmongers.

They are Oath breakers.

They are Warlocks.

They will use any atrocity to further their ideology. Smear any innocent passerby at a terrorist incident with a calumny about her faith and her good character.  They will claim one thing one moment and the opposite a second later if they think it will further their cause.

They are chancers.

They are Manipulators.

They are Liars.

They are a Cancer.

They are the Ultimate Betrayers of Our British Society.

Running from the fight to daily change the EU has resulted ‘only’ in us as a Nation being shot in the back, or should I say ‘in the foot’ - because certainly it is a self inflicted wound to vote to leave our BIGGEST MARKETPLACE and leave us to the whim of a capricious Lunatic like Donald Trump..
I tell you all ladies and gentlemen, ‘Cowardice’ is terrible thing to base a national policy upon, and that’s what Nigel Farage and his ilk base their entire rhetoric around, - ‘FEAR’.

I keep telling people ‘We reap that which we sow’ and right now, the farmers of Cornwall and Devon are terrified of reaping the whirlwind.  

I suspect, though I cannot know for absolute fact, that they are not alone in this terror but hey, when people knowingly vote for criminals who have for half a decade and more, systematically driven fellow British Citizens to suicide simply for the crime of being ‘Disabled’, some of them our ex-servicemen wounded in action, then Terror being turned back upon the people is an entirely predictable outcome.

In fact I predicted it.

Many – many times...

Good Luck and Godspeed.

Kanjin Tor

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Extraordinarily Human.

Sensational you.
And eating,
And living,
And doing,
And thinking,
And loving.

And all this before you go to work,
And do you daily grind,
To earn a crust,
Afor ye go bust,
To feed your kids,
And earn their trust.

Sensational You,
And walking,
And Talking,
And Yawning,

So to bed,
Ye go,
The day’s work done,
To sleep,
To dream,
Sensational one.

Monday, 20 March 2017

The Profiteers.

it's a terrible thing!
Unless you make the bombs?
Then your on the gravy train,
receiving unearned Honours and Gongs.