Tuesday, 19 December 2017


The 'so called' Neoliberal Center, and the Extreme Tory Right of British Politics have screamed and smeared Jeremy Corbyn endlessly, claiming...

"If he thinks he can win a General Election he is delusional."

Then our Political ‘Mainstream’ Newspapers, [ who have long ago become nothing more but right wing extremist propaganda sheets ] scream their hate at Corbyn at the behest of their TAX DODGING masters...

"If he wins it would be a economic disaster for the country."

Funny how Authoritarians are so terrified by the word 'IF' isn't it?

I am reminded once again of Phillip II of Macedon who sent word to the Spartans after invading southern Greece stating...

“You are advised to submit without further delay, for if I bring my army into your land, I will destroy your farms, slay your people, and raze your city.”

The Spartans replied with a single word...


Neither Phillip II nor his son Alexander The Great ever set foot in Sparta.

My point is...

Dare to dream 'IF'.


Thursday, 7 December 2017

These Are The Days.

My friends.

“You are a slave, you have no voice”.  – Marcus Aurelius.

We are today; closer to a global conflict more akin to an ‘extinction event’ than perhaps at any other time in Mankind’s short history, and yes, I include the Cuban Missile crisis in that assessment.

The fault for this near catastrophe lies entirely with an evidently insane, extreme right super rich elite who pursue profit above any moral principle and, if Homo Sapiens are to survive at all, we must rid ourselves of their dogma that, some humans are more worthy of life and happiness than others.

This is the stark reality of the now. 

This is the harsh and brutal truth of our current existence. 

We, all of us, stand on the precipice of self annihilation from four factors.
Extinction by the means of Global Nuclear War.

Ecocide by pollutants.
Ecocide by runaway destruction of habitat.
Extinction because of Global Warming.

But in truth - all of the above have but a single common cause and that is ‘Greed.’
The doom of mankind lays in its greed, and the desire of a few super rich to stockpile Earth’s wealth and hoard it for themselves.

You and I are not so very different.

Whether you are a political conservative or a left leaning socialist you need to eat, so do I.  You love your kids and want the best for them, well so do those on the opposite political spectrum

I do not want you to go hungry.

No sane man wants’ to starve your kids.

But those who rule over all of us most definitely DO for what else explains their refusal to take part in society by paying their fair share of our taxes.

They use our infrastructure daily, as do you, they use our power supply as do you, they use our roads, trains, health services, emergency services, are protected by our armed forces as do you.

But unlike you they pay no tax, hiding their ill-gotten gains in secret accounts off-shore, paying nothing towards the services and infrastructure they so sorely abuse.
These people are not part of society, indeed their Queen Margaret Thatcher openly bragged she did not believe in society, and it is something these people have taken to heart.

For them a decent society is unimportant.

A just society is nothing more than an inconvenience.

They want your kids to die of cancer, if they did not want this they would pay their taxes and support the National Health Service, but they don’t so they do.

They want a military to protect them but they don’t want to pay for it.

They want a police force to protect them but not from some unspecified threat, no, from your justice the justice of those to whom these rapacious criminals bear no fellowship or allegiance. To the ordinary TAX PAYING man and woman in our society.

They deem you, all of you not in their super rich club, as being worthless, and I mean that literally.  You are worth less than they so your lives have no meaning to them.

Two thousand years ago Marcus Aurelius said “You are a slave, you have no voice”. 

Two weeks ago the super rich Tory MP and chancellor of the exchequer Philip Hammond stated- and I quote him here verbatim, “Driving a train is so easy, even women can do it.”

These are the days....