Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Those Damned Corbynistas?

When (so called) moderate centrist politicians and their followers scream out the word “Corbynistas” in their Tweets and other media - they are acting no differently to how Demagogues have always acted.

They use the word ‘Corbynista’ in exactly the same way large sections of the media in past times hurled about such words as ‘Trotskyite’ and or ‘Commie’.

These so called Centrists consistently use the term ‘Corbynista’ as all such McCarthy types have done throughout human history, as an insult, and to instil unthinking fear into people because ‘fear’ is all they have and fear works.

Mass fear is easy to achieve, all you need to do is use a few key phrases, attach those phrases to a single key word, and ‘hey presto’ - through constant repetition, the word becomes a synonym for something hateful.

By-the-by: even if what they are saying is patently stupid, it does not matter.  Through repetition a lie soon becomes accepted truth.

This then are the reasons that these types have adopted the word ‘Corbynistas’, as their rallying call to the fearful, the weak-minded, the cowardly, the bigots!

Of course; they used to do this same shit to Black people (and Jewish People) but such rallying cries have in today’s modern world become unpopular and, are generally understood by the masses to be the language of the Demagogue?

So now; needing a new scapegoat and a new rallying call to keep themselves current, they have tried very – very hard, to misappropriate the Jewish Plight as their own (it isn’t and never will be despite all their claims) and used this as a tool to attack their most feared enemy – a man who will see an end to their demagoguery – “Jeremy Corbyn.”

I challenge you to go on Twitter right now and look at their Tweets.

There you will see a plethora of rabid Tweets on their various timelines with the word ‘Corbynistas’ attached to some imagined great crime so oft repeated - as to make it seem that Jeremy Corbyn is the Devil himself.

Again - they do this because these people know that fear works and, if they can make the word itself seem to represent, through constant repetition, all that is bad in the world, many people without the time or intellect to think, will rally to their cause, but none of these people can be counted as good and moral.

Let Germany be your guide in how you view their Tweets.

How they treat others, how they denigrate others, how they practice foul calumny against good decent people in the name of their bigoted cause is in no way different to how the population of Germany bought into the Nazi ideology of hate.

This is how Demagogues have always turned people against others who intend them no harm!

So the next time you see a (so called) moderate centrist politician and his/her followers, scream out the word “Corbynistas” in their rancid Tweets of hate -remember; the words they really want to use are ‘Nigger’ or ‘Jew’!

And do not buy into their hate.


Kanjin Tor

Tuesday, 24 July 2018


I do not personally know, nor have I ever met; Jacob William Rees-Mogg, the Honourable (alleged) Member of Parliament for North East Somerset since the 6 May 2010, and I hope I never will.   But as much as I dislike the man from afar, and everything he stands for; I cannot in all good conscience say that I do not understand nor but help have, a little sympathy for his stance on Brexit.

Now before we go on, let me here acknowledge that Rees-Mogg’s mealy mouthed rhetoric on the subject of Brexit is entirely duplicitous.  But, and it is a big but; from his point of view, I do not believe that his long held views on Brexit carry with them an inherent malice toward Europe!

Indeed; I think it only fair to say, that while I believe his odium for the Left leaning bourgeoisie and the International Labour Movement is almost rabid!  I also believe that his stance on Brexit is for entirely different motives to those of Nigel Farage – (a man who is as far as this writer is concerned, nothing less than an agent of a foreign potentate.)

Let me explain.

Jacob William Rees-Mogg was born on the 24th day of May, in the year of our Lord 1969, to a life of comfort and extreme privilege.

According to his carefully constructed ‘Self-Image Legend’, a Myth strewn liberally about the public arena numerous times over the years by The Daily Mail (and others) - Jacob William Rees-Mogg was from an early age interested in stocks and shares and, instead of playing football like lesser plebeian children might, the young Jacob Rees-Mogg was instead playing the Stock Market like a knight errant; ever seeking opportunities to prove his economic mettle, his intellectual superiority, and his moral supremacy which; according to The Daily Mail perpetuated Myth, was clearly visible for all to see at a young age?

The ‘Truth’ however is very different.

The young Jacob William Rees-Mogg had his whole life handed to him on a silver platter.  He attended Eton College and later went on to Trinity College, Oxford where he majored in two subjects, History and, being Rich and Privileged!

His father, William Rees-Mogg, later Baron Rees-Mogg; himself attended Charterhouse School; a boarding school for Britain’s so called ‘Elite’ - where young men were (and possibly still are) taught from an early age their natural superiority.
Later William attended Balliol College Oxford and, just like his father before and him, Edmund Fletcher Rees-Mogg 1889-1962 - who was already wealthy due to a fortunate ancestry; William lived most of his early life in Cholwell House; a 16th century historic manor in the parish of Cameley in North Somerset, the family home which Edmund had restored to its former glory in 1855.

Now all this reference to Jacob Rees-Mogg’s early life of privilege, may to you perhaps after Eight long years of Tory dominion, seem unfashionable?  Indeed the Arch-Betrayer Tony Blair had previously tried his damndest, along with his coterie of Neo-Liberal wannabe’s, to eradicate from our collective consciousness, the very idea of Class.  But the result of that grand deceit was David Cameron, and the catastrophe that befell us all under his dominion.

None of this is new of course.  This entire preamble is easily self-discoverable, if you but care to take the time to research Rees-Mogg?  But what is more hidden - is his phony elevation to that of a ‘Great Statesman’ and ‘Advocate of English Sovereignty’ by our National News Media outlets, a standing to which Rees-Mogg should not be entitled to, for whilst he is educated, he is not the intellectual colossus some make him out to be, nor is he even statesmanlike.

If any single phrase could best describe the persona and beliefs of Jacob William Rees-Mogg, it might best suit to identify the man as a ‘High Tory’?

For those of you who do not know; a ‘High Tory’ is a member of the upper gentry who classify themselves as ‘Traditionalist Conservatives’, and I heartily suggest to you that you go read up on - and precisely understand what both words mean, both in the archaic sense and the modern.

Today, those who adopt this self-aggrandising taxonomy of ‘High Tory’ do so to imply that they hold some sort god given ‘moral code of superiority’, a birth-right of honourable pre-eminence handed down to them, from father to son, and all the way back to 17th century.

But this self-narcissism is as misleading as it is false and, it is important for you the reader to understand here - that Names - like all words (see above) have a power of their own and, that you misapprehend their power at your peril.
In very simplistic terms – the ideals of ‘High Tories’, and importantly their loyalties; were always aligned with the Jacobite cause and their pretender to the English throne.
Indeed; many ‘High Tories’ actually took up arms and rebelled against England in pursuit of the Jacobite cause (though as we are speaking truth here – I should note that this flexible loyalty to the Stuart cause, was more about holding onto their own personal pre-eminence).

They were in effect, Traitors!

As a small aside I feel it only fair to say here, that in today’s Britain the Politically Right Minded have been programmed to hate the Political Left almost as unthinkingly as some Remainers hate Brexiteers, and vice versa.  Neither side, (bound together only by their hate for each other,) want any of us to look at our history through an unbiased prism.  After all; such critical dissections are usually prove unhelpful to either cause, and may in fact lend weight to their opponent’s argument.

The truth is of course, that Politics is a nuanced game of deceptions and half truths.  A game of patience, a game where some imagine a society of fairness and opportunity, based on egalitarian principles; and others who eschew the notion utterly, mainly because it threatens their prestige.

This then I believe; is the truth of Jacob William Rees-Mogg.

The ‘High Tories’ who support Brexit now, are acting little different today than their ancestors did prior to the Glorious Revolution; who only ever championed  that which they believed would assure for themselves, and their family, a future in which their pre-eminence in British Society would not be diminished.

It is the same today, and it is this creed of ‘self interest’ that this writer attributes to Jacob William Rees-Mogg and what drives his views on politics, and indeed on Great Britain’s social structure!

If we look at Rees-Mogg objectively without left or right bias, it is clear that his personal views on British Society are unquestionably neo-feudalist.

Indeed; looking back at some of his past unguarded statements, it is evident that his his ideological aspiration is to see England - and therefore Britain (in his mind) returned once again to a more hierarchical society, where our betters govern us from their high seats and to hell and damnation with any and all forms of egalitarianism.

Now to the stupid, this desire of Rees-Mogg may seem a thing of little import, when one considers all that is going on in the world?

I have seen many laugh it off as a quirk, portraying the man as a fool from a by-gone era, but in doing so they imperil us all for, as is historically common with all those who do not love Democracy; the very first thing these counterfeit Libertarians do when they get a smidgen of power, is to drape themselves in the holy flag of our Nation and swear by their love of ‘Country’ and vow to protect our ‘Parliamentary System of Governance’ - whilst at the same time, covertly seeking ever more ways to deny Justice, Power, and Civil Liberties to the very demos whom they clearly despise and fear!

This is not historically uncommon.

“Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel,” said Samuel Johnson on the 7th day of April, 1775; and whilst he famously never elucidated further upon why he uttered those words, I think we can all guess to his meaning. 

One needs but read only a little of human history to see this same theme repeated, over and over.

What is different now from yesteryear, is the gargantuan capability for such men and women to sway the opinion of the General Population with the various mediums of mass propaganda at their disposal, and of course; it is at their disposal - because only the very rich [until extraordinarily recent times] have ever been able to own the means of mass propaganda.

This is why Rees-Mogg’s attitudes and desires are important to us, because of context.
The Honourable (alleged) Member of Parliament for North East Somerset, is not, nor has he ever been, intent on leading our Nation to the ‘Golden Upfields’ promised by Winston Churchill.

What Rees-Mogg represents, what he secretly threatens us all with, is a past in which Wealth and Justice are in the hands of a few wicked men, whose dispensation of both charities were dependant entirely upon your servile willingness to bend your knee to their privilege as a Serf!

It must be clear to any objective person, that Rees-Mogg views himself as superior to the bourgeoisie.

Indeed he has himself said as much on a number of occasions, dismissing all criticism of his attitudes to rearing babies and changing nappies, to a modern woman’s right to choose what to do with her own body, to Gay Marriage, and yes - to openly despising all those from the left of his ultra orthodox - right wing ideology, as people who should be cast out (presumably of Great Britain) as unimportant.

In point of FACT - a version of this hatred for his fellow citizens who are left minded politically was openly lamented at his wedding day feast; where 650 of his kith & kin, his political allies, and numerous other members of his fellow gentry, gave him a tumultuously deafening round of applause at the end of his familial panegyric when he rallied the gathered throng with the Far-Right-Wing cry of: “LEFTIES, GET OUT!”
Words, Ladies and Gentlemen; have a power and meaning that you ignore at your peril.

Thus it is, believing himself and the rest of his gentrified peers as somehow holding a higher cultural benchmark than the bourgeoisie, he proclaims (as The Daily Mail Myth perpetuates) to have attained his position in life  through his intelligent commerce and courageous labour; which is of course a utterly ‘False’ and nothing more than a self-delusional paradigm.

(For clarities sake, it should be stated here that some historians claim that “High Tories tend to prefer ‘a sort of Paternal Corporatism’ and ‘Protectionism’ over modern day Neo-Liberalism” and, - though the Honourable (alleged) Member of Parliament for North East Somerset declares that he himself prefers a more free market policy; one cannot but help doubt him – particularly in lieu of his incoherency in recent months regarding Brexit and its benefits, which have all turned out to be what my old Sergeant-Major used to call “bollocks”.  I should also point out here for those who do not yet know it - that ‘The Free-Market Economy’ is never actually ‘Free’ and, is always propped up by The State by methods which can only best be described as ‘Socialistic’ in both principle and practice.  But that is a huge topic and for another day.)

The already fabulously rich (and thus deeply influential – because money talks) Jacob William Rees-Mogg, married the multi-millionaire heiress Helena de Chair, in what can only be called ‘grandeur’, in Canterbury Cathedral in 2007.

The wedding was, as I have already stated above; attended by many infamous Tory grandee’s [but not David Cameron] and the leading lights of our ancient landed gentry, and [according to some sources I’ve read] the wedding itself was almost a throwback to those medieval days, when kings and queens would unite two vying houses by marriage in order to consolidate their power & privilege.

Whatever the truth of that may be is down to conjecture alone; for I am certain neither party would ever admit to it, even if any of it were true?

What is true however, is that Jacob and Helena have certainly united and consolidated their union; spawning 6 children - all of whom have been named  -rather anachronistically - not of this age, but instead with monikers that hearken back to those medieval times, when the Rees-Mogg’s of this world ruled the rest of us by ‘divine-right’.

I point out this seemingly odd anachronism because it is one of those things which weaves' its way throughout Rees-Mogg’s life like a thread, and indeed his family’s history.

Jacob William Rees-Mogg comes from an old family, used to power and privilege, and his children will continue that!  This I believe is the man’s main drive and, why he has been consistent over the years in his pursuit of Brexit. 

For him Brexit is an opportunity to assure the continuance of his families pre-eminence in the century ahead.  And; as it was for his father, and his grandfather, and his grandfather’s sire, and all the way back to John Mogg in 1650; this drive to maintain their privilege outweighs for Jacob Rees-Mogg, all other considerations.
He wants out of Europe not because he hates the EU, (which if you are at all honest and unbiased about it you must admit, has many, many flaws) but rather instead because he fears us, the common man!

He fears us because he hates egalitarianism, because of the loss of power and prestige Equality brings; and (this is not hyperbole) The Rees-Mogg’s have witnessed this occur time and again to other prestigious families, whose ascendancy has waned since Victoria sat on the throne and workers gained some small measure of self-determination.

The EU for Jacob Rees-Moog represents the unification of the proletariat in a Pan-European movement that will inevitably see the end of him and his kind, even with all its flaws; and it is for this reason that though I loathe the man, I cannot but have a small measure of sympathy for his stance on Brexit, because from his point of view, it is entirely logical.

To his mind, such a general unification of ordinary people can only be viewed as an abomination, a terror that must be thwarted at all costs, even, as seems likely, it sends our economy into decline; possibly terminal?

When Rees-Mogg said: “The overwhelming opportunity for Brexit is over the next 50 years,” he was actually telling the only truth he’s ever spoken about Brexit.
What he neglected to say, was that the opportunity was only for himself and his kind, and not for the rest of us poor slobs who must now suffer the vicissitudes of an incompetent Brexit undertaken by the most stupid government Great Britain has ever had to endure in its long history!

What matter to him if the plebeian classes go under?  He is richer than god and, he will only ever get richer as he and his Tory Cadre of pillagers swoop up our precious NHS and other vital National Assets? [Which by-the-by is why they so despise Jeremy Corbyn, who will undoubtedly re-nationalise all our vital Utilities and Services].

What does it matter to Rees-Mogg if the price of food sky rockets?  He will barely notice; and it is doubtful that his six children will ever go hungry under such duress?

What matter to him, if our hard won worker’s rights, are again eroded to the point where employers no longer have to worry about the health and safety of their employees?

For him there is only an upside.

The people will have less power, less equality, less freedom, less money; whilst he and the rest of his kind will once more regain their utter dominance over our society, riding roughshod over our humanity as once did their forefathers!

It’s almost Jacobean..?

Kanjin Tor