Wednesday, 1 August 2018

The Prison Guards.

If you refuse to speak out against any form of injustice because of what it might possibly cost you when challenged by those who practice or enable injustice, then you are not free; and certain it is - that you are not ‘brave’?

In point of fact - you are imprisoned by chains more powerful and more menacing than any jail a Dictator might shut you in - - with the added bonus for the Tyrant; that your imprisonment costs them almost nothing.

This is the pusillanimous nature of today’s Middle Classes and, why they refuse to stand in fellowship and fidelity with those being oppressed into oblivion by the rich whom, far despising, they yearn to emulate!

In truth - today’s bourgeoisie, holding on to their materialistic and conventional attitudes as if for dear life - are less than slaves; for a slave at least yearns for freedom.  They however, have abandoned all such pretence.

Instead they have become as unpaid Prison Guards, an instrument of the oppressor; forever standing sentinel over their own timorous souls as the poor serve out a life sentence in a Dystopia - that can only ever exist because of their mewling cowardice.

Better they had never lived at all.


Kanjin Tor