Thursday, 21 February 2019

The Peacemaker.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of god. - Matthew 5:9

It can have escaped nobody’s notice (all those who follow me on Twitter of Facebook or read my blog), that I am against #Brexit generally - but for differing reasons to most.

My reason for staying in the European Union are pragmatic.  I believe the EU needs to be changed and that we (Britain) can only influence that change from within its institution.  Ergo; and never one to run from a fight that should be fought, I personally desire to remain within its folds so that we can create together a better European Community which can spread equality, compassion, and fellowship across the continent and hopefully, the world?

I am also acutely aware of the fact that this idea poses huge problems for many who view the EU as Evil Incarnate.  And it is true that Powerful Institutions are resistant to change and, that the men and women within the structure of an institution as powerful as the EU are opposed to any and all change which might bring about for them a loss of power and or prestige.

This is the essential nature of man; and it would be no different if say your low tier football club was suddenly merged with Manchester City’.  Local people who had supported that low tier team from birth would get pissed off - and perhaps rightly so, after all – Manchester City???

But all joking aside, when only two options are available people will choose option (a) or option (b) and that ladies and gentlemen - is how you split a populace and we become a nation divided.  It is that easy to sow hate and despite, to alter the fundamental ties which bind a country together and splinter the one man from the other, give the people a Hobson's Choice and watch the mayhem ensue.

It is not accidental.

This kind of division has deliberately been sown amongst ordinary people many times throughout history and the end result is always catastrophe - especially for the poor.  Brexit is no different in this and make no mistake - Armageddon awaits a population so bitterly divided – (whatever the credo might be) and whilst sometimes it may appear that this division is necessary it usually isn’t.  Usually; somebody somewhere is pulling some strings to achieve an end which will profit them at the expense of our collective unity.

It was ever thus!

In such times what a nation needs is not an authoritarian figure to unite the populace in some grand cause.  Germany tried that back in the 1930’s; it only made the Armageddon worse, magnifying a local catastrophe to the world stage, and 66 million people died.

What a nation needs at such times is a figurehead who, through democratic means and enduring persuasion, tries their best to reunite the two parties and find a middle ground; a man or woman who will listen to both sides of the by now virulent arguments and patiently bring the two factions together once more so that instead of violent emotion ruling our heads, our hearts and tempers are calmed and we can once more debate in civilised discussion all the issues which have made us weak and prey to men who see our division as mere opportunity.

This type of person is what we today call a Centrist.  A man or woman who through mediation and temperate discourse, pulls together two very different camps and brings them all under one roof, where one half of the country does not feel like it is being ripped off by the other half.

Jesus called such men and women ‘Peacemakers’ - and in the UK’s current political climate, where men and women are daily spouting falsehoods and slander to further their political cause, I can see only two political leaders in England who do not practice calumny and false smears - Caroline Lucas and Jeremy Corbyn; and only one of these is trying to pull both sides of the Brexit argument together so that neither side is left out in the cold hating the other - and that person is - despite what you may personally think of him - Jeremy Corbyn.

Every other English Political leader apart from these two have utilised Calumny in their daily speech.  Interestingly both Caroline Lucas and Jeremy Corbyn are denigrated by MSN, but only Jeremy Corbyn has endured their hatred every single minute of every single day - and that is entirely down to the fact that Caroline Lucas poses no viable threat to their carefully managed status quo; Jeremy Corbyn does - and thus do they seek ever to destroy him!

A ‘Centrist’ in truth - is one who tries to find the middle ground.  Indeed the Cambridge English Dictionary describes the word as “centrist: - someone who supports the centre of the range of political opinions,” and the only political leader trying his damndest to represent both camps with any dignity and compassion at all is - Jeremy Corby!

Isn’t it interesting that the only true ‘Centrist’ leader we have in English Politics; a man who does not want to high headedly ignore the votes of 17 million #leave voters or, ignore the votes of 16 million #remain voters, is the political leader who is daily brutalised by MSN (and indeed pig-headed #remainers and or #leavers who daily disparage the other camp - because only their way is the right way?)

The more I watch #Brexit unfold the more convinced I am that neither the #leave nor the #remain camp are moderate ladies and gentlemen.

Neither camp ever these days practice moderation in their language and even the most-sane within these two camps daily accuse the other of x y or z as they intemperately attack the others position; a trend which has become particularly cruel in recent weeks as departure date grows near towards those who are not in power or lack any prestige (and thus cannot effect any real change).

As such; and as this trend has grown - so too has the level of disinformation.   As a consequence of all the lies and half-truths so too has grown the levels of outright hatred for each other, thus dividing us even more.  It is a downwards spiral and can end in only one way.

Of course neither side will admit to practicing deceits and calumny, and how could they?  To do so would rubbish all their previous arguments and so; with an inevitability that mirrors a Greek Tragedy (see what I did there) both camps descend into an open hatred for their fellow countrymen and never once do I see people from either side stopping to think “How can we reunite after this and return to a moderate society where we don’t kill each other on sight for holding differing views?”  And of course there will always be extremists like the EDL or Tommy Robinson; shysters who will jump onto the bandwagon of generated hate to garner support for their stinking ideology; but isn’t that the real danger of #Brexit?  That through our collective despite for each other we allow once more a demon of the nether world to seize control and cast us all back once more into the welcoming embrace of Armageddon as Germany once did?

As it turns out ladies & gentlemen  the only ‘Centrist’ left here in the UK; the only person trying to unite both Brexit camps by finding the middle ground and entreat with both the same; the only surviving political peacemaker is a man who has long eschewed the violent overthrow of foreign governments, who has eschewed war and the warmongers who misappropriated the word ‘centrist’ as they plotted aggressive war (a crime under international law) and deceived the British people into doing so with their Machiavellian plans to kill people in far off lands and profit themselves;  the only Political Leader who is genuinely ‘Centrist’ and thus practicing any sense of #moderation is the far-left loony Jeremy Corbyn whom is - as we have long been told over and over by MSN and their bought and paid for political voice pieces, a political coward, - a Trotsky, a Terrorist Sympathiser, a threat to national security, a Commie and the owner of an allotment where he grows his own fucking potatoes and plots to unite the country; the bastard!!!

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of god,” said Matthew.

How infuriating?