Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Who is Deceiving Who?


“Men are so simple of mind, and so much dominated by their immediate needs, that a deceitful man will always find plenty who are ready to be deceived.” - Niccolò Machiavelli

Remember in 2015 during the Greek crisis when the EU allowed financiers to destroy the Greek economy to profit themselves?

Let me state here that I am for Remain and Reform, but there is no way around the fact that the European Union acted with callous disregard for the lives of 6 million ordinary Greeks.
Again in Catalonia in 2017 the EU threw its full weight behind Madrid's efforts to suppress the Catalan referendum for independence and actively worked against this Democratic choice of its people.

These are I believe the Two core issues which fuel the ordinary Brexiteers {man of the street - not the super rich profiteers such as Gove Mogg Johnson}.

If Remainers focused their attentions of these issues then there is a chance the two sides could come together?

Alas the Remainer cause just like the Brexiteer cause, is led by elitist super rich monsters, who possess no morals or probity and, until this changes and the common man's fears of the EU's disregard for people is addressed I fear the Nation will remain divided

Now this is key because frankly, these so called Centrists mirror almost exactly the attitudes of far-right extremists in both their behaviour and words and, so commonly disregard the ordinary man's plight that I believe currently only a far-right government could win an election in the UK.

In other words; Remainers sow the very seeds of their own failure by playing directly into the hands of the super rich elitists who want to Leave the EU to profit themselves [Understand - these people care not for the plight of ordinary Leavers any more than their counterparts in the remain camp care for ordinary Remainers]

As I have said many times; the right-wing of  Labour [all of them Blairite Acolytes] would rather be leaders of a shit house than leaders of a Socialist Government in power and focused upon the needs of the many not the few.

Thus we are now through a mirror darkly.

Now people often tell me that what happened in Germany 1932 - 1945 could not happen here in the UK because "This is England, [generic term] and we are a Democracy."

Oh really?

Well so was the Weimar Republic, and yet in July 1932 during the federal elections the Nazi's won and can you guess who they killed first?

It wasn't Jews.
It wasn't Gypsies.
It wasn't Communists.
It wasn't Trade-Unionists.
It was not Academics or scholars, Poets or artists, philosophers or scientists.

It was Germany's most vulnerable citizens - the disabled.

If you rally a people against a supposed threat of 'the other' however preposterous that false threat might seem to anybody with a brain, you will divide the nation, weakening societies integrity to resist extremism and it will collapse.

This is entirely predictable.

The divisions in this country are not accidental, they are planned. We have been manipulated and conned, tricked and deceived by both elitist camps and in chaos there is one absolute truth.

The rich always get richer!

Welcome to the end of the Weimar Republic.

- Kanjin Tor.