Friday, 13 September 2019

Follow the Money

The United Kingdom is roughly 93 thousand square miles of magnificent loveliness.

Unfortunately & despite Britain's magnificent loveliness leading #Brexiteers are unwilling to put their money where their mouths are & pay their taxes.

Which is of course what #Brexit is all about

What, you didn't know?

In 2013 David Cameron wrote a personal letter to the (then) president of the European council ‘Herman Van Rompuy’ to begging him to prevent offshore trusts from being dragged into the European Union’s crackdown on tax avoidance.

Cameron demanded Rompuy make sure that offshore trusts would not be automatically subject to the same transparency requirements as companies (or the rest of us Plebs).

This demand was rejected which was when the rich Tories and their paymasters began to scream.

Of course I exclude Nigel Farage from this sudden panic; he had been fighting to have the UK leave the #EU for some 15 years by then because - and this is key as we will discover later - he had foreseen this move by the EU long before Muppet's like Jacob Ree-Mogg ever had.

But then again you see, Jacob Rees-Mogg isn't intelligent, he is educated and privileged; these are not the same things.

Nigel Farage however is intelligent, cunning, and to give credit where credit is due, determined and resilient; the same cannot be said of the rest.

More importantly, I suspect Nigel Farage has the backing of people far more intellectually adroit and ruthless than Rees-Mogg and his simpering acolytes, something which will I am sure, come out at some stage; but that is another story for another time?

This makes (as I warned in 2013) Nigel Farage by far the greatest threat to #Democracy & single most dangerous man in the UK politically, & yet - this dire warning was scoffed at by the then in charge #Centrists, all who deemed him a joke.

I note here they are not laughing now!

So for the record here let me once again repeat what I have so often said for the arrogant so called #Centrists (who actually are themselves extremists no better than the far-right wing of the Conservative Party) - it is you who are to blame for Britain's current plight.

You were warned time & again not to ignore Farage, not to ignore the plight of the poor who you looked down upon with contempt as you licked the arse of Tony Blair and his evil cadre of shsyters.

To the rest of the UK I say this.

"If you want to know why anything happens follow the fucking money!"

You're welcome.

Monday, 2 September 2019

The End Of Democracy.


On the 30th January 1933, Hitler demanded that President von Hindenburg dissolve the Reichstag.

A general election was scheduled for 5 March 1933. A secret meeting was held between Adolf Hitler and 20 to 25 industrialists in Hermann Göring's offices in the Reichstag Presidential Palace. Unsurprisingly these rich Corporatists financed the Nazi election campaign.

The carefully orchestrated Reichstag Fire and the Decree which followed allowed Hitler to suspended the freedom of press and 'habeas corpus' rights just five days before the election; allowing him to raid the Communist Party offices and eliminate their political opposition.

Despite this and other underhanded dealings, Hitler's Nazi Party failed to get a majority and had to rely upon the 8% of seats won by their coalition partner, the German National People's Party.

Now if any of this is sounding familiar don't worry; I am sure the libdems would never go into coalition with the Extremists in the Conservatives

To free himself from his dependency of Quislings in the LibDems - sorry I of course mean the German National People's Party , Hitler drew up plans for an Enabling Act which would give the cabinet (him) legislative power for four years - because you know - there was an emergency?

The Enabling Act in effect gave complete political power without the need of backing from the Reichstag to Adolf Hitler.  By this I mean - Under the Enabling Act, the Nazi government acquired the authority to pass laws without either parliamentary consent or control.

In other words; a State of Fascism then existed in Germany.

And all of this was enabled by minions, ordinary people who at first bullied, frightened, intimidated anybody - repeat ANYBODY - who opposed the Nazi legislation by means of economic and physical violence.

By 1938 the inconvenience of Cabinet meetings had been utterly dispensed with (it never met again until after the Allies Victory) with and Adolf Hitler's word as Law.  After this moment all resistance within Germany to the Nazi's was piecemeal, with only a few brave individuals resisting the Nazi's.

Very few survived the War.

The Corporatists made billions; (both abroad and in Germany), hardly any of them suffered for their crime of enabling the Nazi's though for a while some of their assets were handed over to the Allies as reparations, but by 1948 the Marshall Plan redressed this.  In effect, the people who enabled the Nazi rise to power got away scot-free. Because the Elite are always protected from the crimes they commit.


In Britain today, the Queen (Hindenburg) has enabled Boris Johnson (Hitler) to shut down Parliament at a time of close personal danger. Corporatists are again secretly funding far-right political movements; and our government is persecuting disabled people to death with their own brand of Aktion T4.

Welcome Ladies & Gentlemen - to the end of the Wiemar Republic!

- Kanjin Tor