Friday, 29 March 2019

The Devils

Somewhere deep inside
We were connected
by our love
A pulse of raw emotion
That rises up above,
All our human vices
Our greed, our hate,
For somewhere deep inside
We all feared the night!

Yet somewhere deep inside
We fixated upon our needs
To fill the void with stuff
A buffer of voracious greed.
That guards our collective hearts
Against all that is good
For we have been bred stupid
And taught to
spill other people’s blood,
upon the alter of venality
and gluttony unbounded,
as the rich get richer
our society at last

All our dreams of decency
Are nothing but a lie,
And Hypocrisy is the grist
Of this collective lie.
That somehow we are
All virtuous and good,
But instead the reverse
Is true;
We are a devil called Beelzebub.
And the damned are