Wednesday, 3 October 2012


@Ed_Miliband Afghan men serving as interpreters for the British Forces in the combat zone are being refused the right to live in the UK.

This is similar but a more urgent case than that of our longstanding Ghurkha allies; for if we abandon these Afghan men they will be slaughtered by the Taliban after we leave that country to its own devices.

This is a gross betrayal of their service, our national honour, and would be one of the foulest acts of infamy this country has ever committed.

Any Afghan who has served our nation ‘in anyway’ not only deserves the right to live here in Britain free from the threat of having himself and his family slaughtered, but also has earned the right to FULL CITIZENSHIP.

To abandon these men and their families to so desperate a fate is a National disgrace and a stain on our name. Furthermore, this precedent will seriously harm our operational capabilities in the future in other conflicts should the world see that we abandon our allies to so ignominious an end without any care.

You talked yesterday of how your parents came to Britain to escape the Nazi threat, I urge you Today Ed to seek any and all means to ensure the safety of these brave men who have risked so very much in the service of this Nation.


Kanjin Tor

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