Thursday, 8 November 2012

Paedophilia, Murder, and how to silence Whistle-blowers

The forces arrayed against the truth coming out are powerful & expert, it will take time to get at the whole facts.

But 1 interesting point about all this is they made a mistake which confirms a conspiracy is in active working order...

They Threatened a MP [Tom Watson] in an effort to keep him quiet...

That was a huge error, and it seems very much like a group in fear reacting on the spur of the moment not the considered actions of the controller ...

The internet is the thing they fear above all other things... we have to keep pushing out the data, sharing info, ideas, thoughts, and the actions of what they are doing to counter this.

If we are to be rid of these gangsters... and that is what they are, we must rally around people like @tom_watson and @soniapoulton as they shake the branches and try to get at the truth.

This will be a colossal battle, and the outcome is yet uncertain... let us endeavour to support those who step outside the tightly controlled sphere of influence of those who have for decades sought dominion over us and hidden away all their dirty sordid evil secrets by the use of torture murder intimidation economic violence and control of a puppet media.

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