Tuesday, 22 January 2013

I love you all.

I love you all but if you think the Elite will allow a peaceful change to their dominion over us all - you are wrong.

Doctor King is a hero of mine and someone whom I admire greatly and for reasons I won’t go into here; but the world has changed so much since his death and a peaceful transition into an age of enlightenment of non Imperial Capitalism is no longer possible.

I know it frightens you all, this thought of violent revolution, and it is something any sane person would shy away from if at all possible, and that is the key word in this – what is ‘Possible’.

There must soon come a time when your children are scrabbling about on rubbish tips to get food LIKE SO MANY KIDS AROUND THE WORLD DO ALREADY and the elite will openly laugh at your misery. 

This catastrophe is our own fault, we as a people bought into this idea of infinite growth on a finite planet because we were still operating and thinking as our ancestors had for all the millennia before this new age. But it is unsustainable. The old methods and ideas are exactly that – OLD and none of them are applicable to the modern world. Not Religion, not Economics, Not Ideas of Governance, nothing save 2 things. 1/ How the Elite still control us all, how they divide and literally conquer us, how they perpetuate war in an effort to hold onto their power over the world and retain their privileges. And 2/ How The Poor under such a Yolk have only ever been able to break free of such perfidy from their Masters.

Peaceful change is only possible when those who govern us all are also sane. That is why Ghandi was able to achieve what he did; he was up against an ‘essentially’ sane establishment. Those who govern us now are not so encumbered.

These people are ‘Sociopath’s and beyond the principles of other humans. They do not possess Probity, Ethics, Principles, or any morality that you or I could recognise as being humane. For too long we have listened to their paid for ‘Academics’ spouting bullshit about ‘How Hitler and The Nazi’s were human beings just like us’. He wasn’t and they weren’t. Hitler like all such Fascists was a Monster; and Ladies and Gentlemen Fascism is alive and well and you are living in just such a State; and yes I mean that literally.

You avert your eyes and tell your children “there are no monsters” but they are everywhere evident in the words and deeds of those who rule us with ruthless viciousness. These monsters do not mind killing children in Africa with Bombs dropped from pilotless Drones. They gamble of food prices whilst children eat detritus they find on refuse dumps, they rape and murder children, they blame the victims of their perfidy for the crimes they themselves commit, and when that fails they cover it all up in carefully orchestrated conspiracies.

I love all you people out there who are struggling to get data out, who are spreading dissent and truths about their ‘Empires of Evil’ and all the nasty disgusting criminal activities; but you are wrong if you think that by peaceful means we the Proletariat, the Plebeians, The Ordinary Decent Hard Working People , will ever be free of their malice by getting them to willingly change and adopt our ‘compassionate considered morality’.
Sociopaths do not change, they take what they want, they use who they want, and if you’re lucky they won’t torture you when they finally kill you.


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