Thursday, 24 January 2013

True History

The True History of our World is the story of the Miner, the Bricklayer, the Machinist, the Driver, the Doctors, the Nurses, the Fire Fighters, the billions of ordinary men & women striving to put bread on the table.

The True History of our World is built off the backs of the poor; it is a History of Suppression. Kings are nothing but despicable cunts that get others to wash their putrid fucking arses because ‘A Prince must not dirty his own hands’.

Well fuck them and the horse they came in on. And; all the backstabbing, treacherous, lickspittle’s, and brown nosed bastards, who fuck The People to get ahead in the world of Elite snobbery and self aggrandising duplicity; ‘You’ have chosen to be ‘lower than vermin’. No words of ours can slander your foetid character for it is already decomposing in a cesspit of disgrace and greed.

The True History of our world is the story of arch betrayal, it is a story of how the majority of people were eventually conquered and crushed into servile obedience to a ‘Privileged’ but altogether ‘Barbaric’ bunch of ‘Elitist Bastards’.

These vermin gave unto themselves ‘Titles’ and ‘Privileges’ that they do not merit through the brutal suppression of indigent peoples. It is perpetuated to this day by a means of ‘Economic Drudgery’, by deliberately creating ‘Poverty’ and ‘Want’ through a process of ‘Financial Hoarding’ and ‘Continuous War’.

‘The True History of our World’ is never taught in schools but you all know it, even if you have not the courage to speak its name. It is a ‘History of Slavery’.

“All Empires are built on the bones of The Poor” – Kanjin Tor

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