Thursday, 7 February 2013

First Principles

These are just some of my preliminary thoughts about some information that has been coming my way over the last 24 hours and I wanted to share them with you all in their rawest format, so forgive me any ill-formed thoughts, my purpose is only to make you think about what you imagine is reality. – KJ

"The Aim of all Government is Perpetual War" - Kanjin Tor

What if I told you that there is in this world a ‘secret cabal’ of men and women who hate your very existence, and that they are planning a catastrophe in which Billions of humans will be erased because these people know with supreme certainty that ‘Imperial Capitalism’ cannot be sustained for much longer without its total collapse, and with it their absolute dominion over all of us?

Sounds crazy right? Sounds like the ravings of an insane conspiracy theorist with deluded visions of a dystopian future doesn't it?

Well before you judge me too quickly, let’s first see if I can convince you to have a little re-think about all you thought you knew about the world we live in. [No pressure]

This ‘Secret Cabal’ is composed of all the movers and shakers of this world, the people who think of themselves as ‘The Elite’ and they don’t like ‘The Poor’ one bit.

These people know ‘Imperial Capitalism’ will collapse if we go on the way we are because; ‘they have ALL the data’ which the vast majority of human beings have not [until recently] had any access to, and even now most of us cannot know the full sum of secret statistics that are hidden never mind coalesce them into a workable understanding of probable outcomes. That requires time and money both of which The Poor have little enough of to spare.

But the cabal do; they have the money and have had over a century of hard evidence gathered and then collated by very serious people in well funded think tanks working away to understand the full gamut of the available data and it has led to them, inevitably, to a full understanding that ‘if the Elite do not change their ways and share the bounty of this good Earth then it will lead to the utter annihilation of not only The Poor but also of them.

In simple terms ‘Planet Earth is dying’. It cannot much longer sustain this many humans under the old system of insatiable greed and contempt without a total collapse of the ecosystems. Either the system of ‘Imperial Capitalism’ must be abandoned and replaced with more caring, sharing, eco friendly system of governance or the population of humans on planet Earth must be denuded.

It is that simple.

The problem for the rest of humanity is that The Elite don’t do change. They are CONSERVATIVE in a very big way. They are in control of the world and they like that, it gives them privileges and powers the rest of us can only imagine, so change for them is an abomination to be avoided at ANY COST, and dear reader your life is the cost they are willing to pay. Therefore their crystal minds and quicksilver hearts have turned once again to the cold and brutal logic of Eugenics.

Oh I know, It sounds like I am going down the mad Nazi route doesn't it! But bear with me because surprise surprise, Eugenics was not invented by The Nazi’s but instead was coined by a British Lord of the Realm ‘Sir Francis Galton’ in 1883. [and yes that explains a lot about the ‘Toffs’ doesn't it?]

‘Eugenics’ [good genes] is the founding principle upon which The New World Order stands. Their long held ‘Agenda’ can be described quite simply as to ‘De-Populate the planet by various means’ which include  - A global ‘Biological and Chemical War done by means of stealth: [already under way . Mass poverty and starvation: [already under way . Total War: [already beginning] and of course good old fashioned ‘Acts of Genocide’ to such levels as ‘that there be only enough humans around to service their needs’, and what many of you don’t realise is that this nightmare scenario is not a film script or the ravings of a mad insane conspiracy theorist, but is rather – the deliberate laid down plan of the Super Elites own ‘Think Tank’ that uses words like ‘sustainable growth’ and ‘controlled re-investments’

What is more; I did not dream all this up in some drug induced fevered vision; Oh no. Indeed I am not even the first person to say these things for these are the words of The Super Elite themselves.

It was them who around 1991 called for a plan to sterilise future generations. It was them who stated ‘We must create common enemies to unite Nations’. Still don’t believe me? Let me quote their words directly.

In their book ‘The First Global Revolution’ they stated – Quote: “divided nations require common enemies to unite them. Either a real one or else one invented for the purpose. Because of the sudden absence of traditional enemies, ‘new enemies must be identified’. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill.... All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.” Unquote

Still think I am ‘just another nutter’?  Well that’s okay; but here’s the thing.

If I am wrong and I am just a ‘crazy man’ then the world moves on no harm done and in 12 months the world will be back to where it was in 2008 pre the Great Bank Robbery heading back to redemption like Iceland is, and you will all be fine.

But if I am right, if I am telling you the truth! That these bastards do exist, and that they are planning our collective doom! Why then you are in deep shit. You are going to get poorer and poorer, whilst the rich are going to get richer and richer; becoming almost untouchable and arrogant in their dominion over us. Then the food chain will begin to fall apart, and with it the economic systems leaving you all to starve along with billions of others, who in abject poverty will howl for relief from the pestilence and famine, [which will of course be the final catalyst to enable them to launch their next calamity upon the Earth].

But I am mad right? I mean surely if this was true then you would have heard about it right?

Well these people foresaw that there would be many who would oppose their plans and plotted for just such occurrences; they even coined the term ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ and prepared multifarious ways in which to discredit and deal with such people so as to keep the rest of us asleep until their plans could finally come to fruition, they even wrote about it in their book, go do some reading.

The Elite are not and never were stupid. So when you are shouting at David Cameron through the telly about their incompetent handling of our economy, what you should be shouting is ‘Traitor’ for there is nothing incompetent about their actions, after all ‘Why do you think most of the worlds money, our stolen money, is hidden away in their offshore accounts’?

A final thought.

It is almost 100 years since the first truly man made global calamity ‘World War 1’ kicked off. I believe it was this horrific war which gave our masters their first true insight into what the possibilities of an industrial world could really do to the planet, and revealed to them the true threat to their power if future generations were not tightly controlled. Since that time, I believe that through carefully scripted crisis they have engineered multiple wars and famines in a deliberate slow escalation of anaesthetisation of our senses and empathy towards each other, in order to bring about a final calamity in which as they themselves have stated, will bring about a coming together of whoever is left alive, to once and for all time Unite the world under their Total Dominion, a world of Slaves and a few Super Elite.

Welcome to the New World Order, welcome to ‘The Club of Rome’.

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