Monday, 11 February 2013

The 200 million Swiss Franc Question?

Why resign...? Well here is a thought.

Ever heard of 'The Institute Of Religious Works'?

You haven't? Well then perhaps you might know it better as 'The Vatican Bank?

Its money, it has been argued, came from Croatian Nazi Death Camps, which were set up about 11 months before the bank was created.

Croatian Nazis then, after the collapse of the Hitler regime, transferred over 200 million Swiss francs into the Vatican vaults
[this at a time when 200 million Swiss francs was a lot of money]

Now ask yourself this; "do you know of any other possible Nazi connection to the Vatican"?

Actually there were so many it beggars belief... go do even a thin amount of research and have a rethink about all you thought you knew.....

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