Tuesday, 19 February 2013

The Masquerade

Let me say this differently... because you have probably heard this before.

“The Banks owe us - ‘The British People’, 2 Trillion Pounds”.
Not £200 billion, not £400 billion as some report, - but £2 Trillion. Yet that is not the truly shocking part of all this.

Let me repeat that for you.

“The Banks owe us - ‘The British People’, 2 Trillion pounds” - and as I said - you have probably heard that all before right? You probably think you have a handle on it all, and don’t need the likes of me to tell you what you already know eh? Well hang in there friends because I am about to take you on a very short journey to look at the world and all you think you know, and view it through a mirror darkly.

Talking of reflections; think about this conversation between President Obama and former ‘Republican Senator’ - Chuck Hagel for a moment.

“So, what do you think about foreign policy and defence issues” asked President Obama?

“Mister President” said Hagel, “We are at a time where there is a ‘New World Order’. We do not control it. You must question everything, every assumption, everything they, the military and diplomats, tell you. Any assumption 10 years old is out of date. You need to question our role. You need to question the military. You need to question - what are we using the military for?”

Keep that in mind as you read on....

“The Banks owe us 2 Trillion pounds”. But as true and accurate as that statement is, it still remains unreal. It is a ‘psychological construct’ designed to cover up the reality of what is truly happening in our modern world, its purpose is to give us all something to be outraged about as we collectively fume over our breakfast, sitting helpless and transfixed by our inability to change what has been done to us by those bastard Bankers.

But it is a Lie.

Oh the Bankers did indeed steal Trillions from us all, but that is not the true reality of our times. The true construct is immeasurably more complex in its structure but is, conversely [and somewhat paradoxically] far easier to understand once you abandon the chains of the unreal world. The Bankers are but a small cog in a much greater wheel.

The True Construct is designed to allow us just enough leeway to be angry about injustices, but not enough power to change anything. It seeks ever to make us helpless pawns in a chess game which forever sets us against each other along religious, political, or racial lines. This is done as distraction; the purpose being to obfuscate a much deeper and far more dreadful truth, that everything you have ever taken for granted and thought you knew to be ‘reality’ is in fact ‘a lie’ - and that you, me, everybody, is really living within an organised fantasy that for want of a better phrase I call ‘The Masquerade’.

The economic collapse of 2008 was and is a lie... it was and continues to be ‘a robbery of gargantuan scale’. It was carried out with deliberate malice aforethought to serve a specific Agenda.

We ‘The People’ need to stop thinking in terms of ‘Labour vs Conservative’ or ‘Republican vs Democrat’ and which of these ideologies is to blame for our current dilemma...? The answer is neither and both. David Cameron’s famous phrase “We are all in it together” was a clever piece of politicking. It serviced the public need for unity while reminding the true target of his speech [his allies on both sides of the imaginary political fence] that if he falls they fall, and he was not talking about losing his premiership but rather his life. The message was clear and blunt, it was the same message Chuck Hagel was conveying to The President - “Toe the line, play the game, don’t fuck with The Elite”.

Politicians are a firewall between those who run the world and us ‘The Ordinary People’...even – [and this is important to understand] – even when they don’t know they are part of the process. Only Political Leaders and their closest advisors know for absolute certainty that they are puppets for a unseen master. A Political Leader has but a sole purpose which is ‘To enable The Elite to take what they want, do what they want, to whomsoever they want; when they want, whilst allowing us Plebeians the unhappy narrative of a Democracy, Theocracy, or Tyranny’ – [depending upon which part of the world your in]; and God help the so called ‘Leader’ who decides not to play along with this Agenda because The Elite don’t do mercy.

Get this in your head. ‘Everything about how our world is governed; and I do mean ‘everything’ is in fact a lie. It is all smoke and mirrors, and I suspect you all know this to be true, but in case you don’t - here are a few examples of reality.

1/ There really is a ‘New World Order’ [remember Mr Hagel] and their Agenda is Total Dominion of this planet through any and all means. It is important to note here - that we in the West do not and never have lived in a Democracy. In point of fact there is really only one government worldwide and it is hidden in plain sight.

2/ Their Agenda was laid out in detail decades ago - and has been and is continually - refined to a high degree of precision.

3/ You have only 2 choices.

a/ Obedient Slavery
b/ Outright Rebellion.

4/ Money is a fiction.

5/ There is no ‘News Media’. There are instead just various departments of a global Propaganda Ministry which operates entirely upon the precepts of Nazi Germany’s Reichsministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda or Propagandaministerium [which is where they first learned the true power of Mass Media]

6/ Laws are made to control the Plebeians not the Patricians, they are not designed to provide us with a Just and Fair Society, they are instead designed to stymie and thwart our desire to achieve such Utopian Ideals.

7/ Education is so universally poor and made deliberately thus in order to dumb down the masses.

8/ Our Nation [and thus every other Nation] are kept in a state of perpetual war, the only thing which fluctuates is the severity of the death count. If and when the masses start to wake up The Elite will attempt to kick off a global conflict in order to cull the and weaken the masses, and yes by cull I do mean the deliberate slaughter of billions of human beings. The More that people wake up the more draconian will be their Laws of suppression.

9/ The Elite under no circumstance will allow their power and privilege to wane; they would rather see a mass extinction event such as a Nuclear World War rather than submit to change. They are the ultimate Conservatives.

10/ The Elite are deliberately engineering adverse climate changes and we are unwittingly colluding with them with our continued apathy.

11/ This is not a conspiracy theory it is a conspiracy fact.

And all this is just the starting point of their treacherous infidelities.  

When Chuck Hagel said “You must question everything, every assumption, everything they tell you” to President Obama, he was speaking truly. This tenet is something we must now all adopt wholeheartedly and apply it to everything our masters do.

Why are we still in Afghanistan? Why are we helping our enemies in Libya? Why are we killing the same enemies in Mali? Why have we not intervened in Syria but were so keen to intervene in other parts of the world where a slaughter of the people was being carried out by a countries own government? Why are Bankers immune to prosecution and jail for stealing so much money? Why are our politicians attacking our own citizenry here in the UK when they could with ease resolve our so called ‘financial crises? Why are they forcing GMO’s onto the world market? Why is horse meat appearing in burgers? Why are scientists being killed for speaking out against the actions of various regimes? Why is so much of the world’s money in [so called] Tax Havens? Why are they obliterating NHS? Why are they dumbing down Education, Television, and The News? Why are The Rich getting Richer and the ordinary man getting poorer and poorer? The WHY stretches from the seemingly puerile to the deeper more fundamentals of our civilisation.

Nothing of consequence is left to chance. Everything you see around you, everything you read, see, hear, or learn about has to be questioned, because dear reader - nothing you ever trusted before can now be counted on as reliable and real, certainly not Religion, not Politics, and not Money.

I know I cannot convince you I am right, and in truth I am not hoping for that – instead my aim is to nudge you out the door and get you to go look and find out for yourself; because ultimately you will cling to the chains they impose on you or break free from their shackles based entirely upon your own moral code, and your own intellectual understanding of what is happening.

A last thought...

In order to effect the changes they desire they must eventually kill off billions of humans, the only question left is the when and the how... Mass starvation, war, pestilence, catastrophic climate change, sterilisation?
My guess is that it will be a combination of all of the above, but one thing is absolutely certain....



  1. Brilliant and frightening. Beautifully written too. The education aspect sings to me. Talking to friends etc recently I've been shocked at how unaware they are, how unquestioning, defenceless against propaganda. A question of education?

  2. Small steps Marilyn... just keep telling them and showing them data

  3. If only more people would realise...

  4. "I know I cannot convince you I am right,!
    YOU DON'T NEED TO , I have already come to that conclusion. I am one of their victims already...a slow and unbelievably painfully life(30years so far) and death to come. As many hundreds and thousands of us with Lyme Disease(TICK bites) and Aluminium poisoning from Cemtrails (Sprayed on us under the guise of Good to stop Global warming).....I know it and time others woke up...
    Thank you for speaking the truth so beautifully..

  5. people are becoming "sheeple" and are being brainwashed by the lies in the media and being distracted whatever popular TV realiy show is on.