Wednesday, 25 September 2013

War is Peace.

“It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.” ― Voltaire

If a man came into your home and murdered your entire family, parent, siblings, spouse, children, grandchildren; you would expect and demand that the police arrest the man and that he stand trial for his heinous crimes, and thereafter, that he be sent to jail for the remainder of his days; would you not?

Similarly if the same man came into your neighbour’s house and murdered his entire family, his parent, his siblings, his wife, his children, and ‘God forbid’ his grandchildren; then you would anticipate, nay demand that the police arrest the murderer, and that he stand trial for his atrocious offence and that he be sent to jail for the remainder of his days; because after all ‘if he can kill your neighbours children then he can do the same to yours can he not’?
But you can expand on this argument and forgive me, but I feel it is important to do so, and for reasons which will become very clear later on, I hope you will bear with me as I do.

If a man went into a house in say Manchester, or London, or Bradford, or any other city or town within the borders of Great Britain and murdered an entire family, from the oldest to the youngest born, you The People would be demanding that our law enforcement officers would immediately arrest the man, and that he stand trial in our Courts of Law for his monstrous crimes, and that very soon after he would be permanently removed from society, and that he would be sent to spend the remainder of his misbegotten days in the deepest darkest hole that our penal system could provide - wouldn't you?

And you would be right to demand such retribution, for any psychopath that can murder children without any scruple or regrets is a very real and present danger to all good society, and indeed is a threat to civilisation itself.

The questions therefore, which scream out begging to be asked are; ‘Why is it, in this modern day and age, that Western Politicians are seemingly exempt from retribution for committing crimes of Murder [and indeed Mass Murder], and ‘How is it that we The People have allowed these criminals to escape Justice for so long for their grotesque and terrible crimes against humanity”. And further ‘How have they escaped Justice for starting a War of Aggression against another people under false pretences; and thereby causing the butchery of both combatants’ and the mass slaughter of innocent men, women, and children’?

Why is it that murdering a family in Birmingham is thought evil and condemned by all decent, sane human beings; and yet the murder of entire communities in Basra or Fallujah or Baghdad on the orders of our Political Masters is not similarly condemned by us?


No arguments ever given by our Politicians or their Lickspittles in the News Media can moderate their guilt. Neither is it possible that we ‘The People’ can abjure our responsibility for The Iraq War. We allowed them to do it; we may not be as guilty as those who ruled us, [for believing we lived in a Democracy we had entrusted our governance into the hands of men we thought sane], but the liability and shame of that war remains ours to bear. The bitter truth is simply this - ‘The Iraq War’ was Murder on a Gargantuan Scale. It was a ‘War of Aggression fought to Profit the Ruling Elite’. And; that it is a War, which even now, all these years later, is still claiming victims; some of whom were not even born when the battle first raged, and we ‘The People’ let our Politicians commit this despicable crime and get rich off the back of all the deaths they caused?

But some people will say “Hang on a minute, we marched on Westminster, a million of us, and it did no good; they still had their war, how are WE guilty’? And at first glance it may seem a valid point, but consider this.
In Germany 1932, everybody knew what The Nazi’s were! They knew they were a racist bunch of right wing extremists and yet they still received 43.9% of the popular vote. By 1938 everybody - and I mean ‘EVERYBODY’ knew what was happening to the Jews, but the German People did not rise up to stop them. In point of fact, far from standing up to the evil of the Nazi’s, most Germans participated; actively collaborating with their evil overlords, turning in Jews, and political undesirables, or at the very least going to work and paying their Taxes whilst turning the other way to avoid looking at the horror [and if anybody ever tells you that they didn't they are fucking liars].

This does not mean to say that there were no Brave Germans resisting the Nazi’s, it is just that they were in the minority. [Indeed one of my personal heroes is a German girl called Sophie Scholl whose courage and light shines brightly in my heart to this day. You should go look her up, I assure you ‘she is worth your time’, but I digress].

Everybody in Germany knew what Scum the Nazi’s were and yet still the world was plunged into chaos as the German People fought for, manufactured arms for, worked hard for, and backed their beloved Fuehrer to the hilt. And if [and it is not so big an ‘If’ as some might have you believe] if they, the Nazi’s, had won the war - nobody now living would know of people like Sophie Scholl, or the 6 million dead Jews, the Millions of dead Gypsies, the dead Political Prisoners, the Gas Chambers, and the world would be moving forwards in time as though ‘nothing untowards at all’ had ever happened, because of course, Germany's Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, [The News Media] would keep you ‘The People’ busy with your eyes averted to the ‘Truth’ as they paint a world of rosiness in a European Super State of Fascism, based entirely upon the precepts of Hitler’s Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, and Hitler would be revered as a visionary leader across the world and his image of how the world should be - would be the accepted norm.

This is precisely a metaphor for the Great Britain of today, because admit the truth to yourself or not, 1932 is exactly where Great Britain is at.

Most people go to work, complain, bitch, or moan about this or that. They swallow the BBC NEWS and Daily Mail Propaganda, and the LIES coming out of this Government about how Disabled People are all scroungers. How the poor or unemployed are all lazy, and about how the niggers, the pakis, the wops, the gypsies, The Jews, The Muslims, the, the, the, *The Other* are all to blame for our Countries woes. And that [following on with their atrocious logic] if we sent all these foreigners back home again, it would all be as it once was, ‘a golden land, full of golden people, living in a golden age, under the benign rule of a sweet old lady with a million pound hat, who once a year would visit us on our Television screens to read us all a bit of sophistry via the BBC cameras, telling us all how fucking wonderful and fair minded we British are.

But we're not; and what’s more, you know we’re not!

That is why we must share in some of the responsibility for the Iraq War. We ‘The People’ should have risen up and hanged these bastards when they voted to start a War of Aggression’. We should have dragged them all out of Westminster and hanged the lot of them from the lamp posts surrounding the Palace of Westminster when they chose to drop bombs on children, and here is why.

Psychopaths who can order the deaths of children in foreign lands can also as easily murder your entire family, -parents, siblings, spouses, children, grandchildren. These people can and routinely DO order their Blackshirted Policemen to beat on our kids as they protest against the politicians villainy. For them it is a matter of absolutely no concern if The Police brutalise our children, our brothers, our sisters, our mothers. Indeed it is to their advantage if the populace knows that any protest will be met with Police violence. This is what Fascists do. This is what Fascists have ALWAYS DONE. This is what Fascists will ALWAYS DO. Fascists do not change. And the same rules that warn us all against Psychopaths murdering us in our homes applies equally to those who govern our nation.

“Politicians *Like* to kill children. This ‘Statement’ must be ‘TRUE’, or they would ‘STOP’ doing it”.

We are Ruled by Warmongers and War Profiteers’. This is the dreadful truth you shy away from... and that dear reader is why we are guilty. It is why we must also bear the burden for Libya, Algeria, Mali, Syria, and a hundred other such wars that are ongoing as I write this. The ‘Continent of Africa’ right now is ablaze with War and everyone of them is engineered by our Masters, who are not the at all the Politicians in Westminster, [who are nothing but puppets] but rather - the not so well hidden arseholes in the boardrooms of Big Business, Banks, Chemical Companies, Oil Companies, Water Companies, Power Companies, etc etc etc who really rule the world.

And thus far you’re thinking ‘he is not saying nothing I have not read or heard from a thousand other voices’ right...?

Well you are probably right, I am not a lone voice in the wilderness shouting truths to the moon, there are thousands of others out there, but here is something to think about which you might not have considered before.

In essence we Modern Humans are no more evolved than The Romans of two thousand years ago. Oh we may have more advanced weaponry and systems of control; our lines of communication may be speedier and more technically able than back then, but if you take an unbiased look at our track record of slaughter we are no further forwards in our evolutionary path than say a legionnaire in the rank and file of the advancing Roman Army.

Indeed some might say that we have even taken a backwards step in the evolutionary sense for comparatively it feels that - we as individuals - are less tough, less hardy, and less resilient than those forgotten ancestors, certainly we are more incautiously vicious and savage. Others; mainly academics, might argue the opposite, stating that ‘intellectually’ we have grown and that the body is becoming less important in our technical, computerised, robot guided world, and make the claim that this is a step of evolutionary development in of itself. But then again academics are so far up their own arses they cannot even tie their own shoelaces without fucking up a perfectly good sentance. Whatever the truth is though one fact does remain... Nature does not like stagnation. It cannot abide a species which does not develop, does not advance, does not change, does not adapt, and it always wipes out such a torpid species with the ruthless hand of ‘Merciless Time’.

You see Time is not on our side. ‘Time’ far from being the benign slow walk through the seasons of the Earth guiding us forwards in its gentle embrace, is instead a brutal monster waiting to snatch the life out of us and remove the imprint of Humanity from out of the way of its remorseless advance. It’s a ‘tickertape of inevitability’ keeping us up-to-date, telling us the latest score on the Clock of Doom, and we my friends are losing. Time is a predator waiting patiently; [after all it has all the ‘Time’ in the universe to play with]. It knows that sooner or later it will win, the game is rigged in its favour, our fate is sealed, our memory will be erased from the cosmos and nothing; not even a random photon of our existence will remain.
Sooner or later a meteor will kills us, it is inevitable. That or a lethal plague, or a self inflicted out of control greenhouse effect will poison us all, or we will denude the oceans of all life, and even if somehow despite ourselves we manages to survive all these fates, and failing everything else Time will still laugh at us, because The Sun will expand into a Red Giant and everything we are will be gone. All that hard work, all that learning, all that fighting, all that war, all that love, all that hate, all that fear, all we built, all we destroyed, all that we are, will cease to exist and every emotion, desire, every imagining, and every empire will be gone, erased without leaving any trace that Humans ever existed at all.

Time is a comedian telling a bad joke.

Right now we cannot do anything about the colossal events which will lead to the death of our Solar System, but our eco system? That is something we can affect.
We can prolong our human existence by not fucking up our air, we can stop poisoning our Sea’s and our fresh water. Did you know that 97% of all water on Earth is sea water? Did you know that of the remaining 3% which is fresh water [that stuff which keeps me and you alive] that 70% of the 3% is trapped in glaciers? Did you know that nearly all of the 30% of the remainder is trapped under the ground, leaving as little as a mere 0.3% of the remaining fresh water on the Planet to be found in all the rivers and lakes of the world?

Think about that for a moment! 0.3% of all the fresh water which you and I need in order to exist is utterly inaccessible to us. AND STILL THE OIL COMPANIES WANT TO POISON IT WITH FRACKING - AND THAT OUR POLITICIANS THINK THAT THIS IS TOTALLY ACCEPTABLE?

These people are clearly insane. If a man came into your home and murdered your entire family, parent, siblings, spouse, children, grandchildren; you would expect and demand that the police arrest the man and that he stand trial for his heinous crimes, and thereafter, that he be sent to jail for the remainder of his days; would you not? They start Wars for Profit. They denude the forests and oceans for profit; they kill endangered species for profit, they invent bigger and more lethal ways to kill in order to make a PROFIT... are you getting it yet?

Every child living today is, in a very real sense, a casualty of the Neo-Liberal War Machine. When our Politicians talk about ‘Foreign Policy’ what they are really advocating is Rape, Pillage, Murder, and War. What we The People need are Hospitals, Schools, Homes, Scientific Laboratories, and Jobs. Our rulers use our Tax Money to empower themselves as they invest in weapons of war to enrich their bank accounts at our expense. What we need to do is invest in our Humanity not their sadistic desire for blood and money. When a Politician; any Politician says “We must fight this War as it is vital to our National Interests” what he is really saying is “Me and my mates can make a killing if we bomb these *niggers* back to the stone age”. Greed is the Father of Tyranny, and The Rich are incapable of meaningful change.

All Neo-Liberals are racists, all of them. 'Neo-Liberalism' is nothing but 'Fascism' rebranded for the modern world so that you won’t notice what they really are, so that you will avert your eyes from the truth of their evil.
This Bitter Truth remains as real today as ever it was in Ancient times, - ‘Social Justice is only ever achieved when the Poor Man imposes it on society despite the Opposition of Rich Patricians’, all of whom are selfish, grasping warmongers who have no integrity, principles, morality, or any understanding of Right or Wrong. 
This does not mean ALL Politicians are evil, but then again not ALL Politicians get to sit at the table and make the decisions that affect us all. In point of fact -very few ever get to influence Government Policy. No it is the ones at the top whom are the most to blame, the ones who guide us into 'Wars of Aggression', the ones who lead their parties and whom the normal backbenchers of our messed up Parliamentary System  believe in; because [and this is key] they simply cannot fathom that the leaders of their parties, the ones that they have dedicated their lives to, could be anything other than honourable for they 'like us' are just ordinary people with a limited amount of time and intellect. 

No those people are at best deluded fools; it is the likes of George W Bush, and Tony Blair, Donald Rumsfeld, Jack Straw, Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Regan, Richard Nixon, those are the types who are evil. They are the Lickspittles of the powerful, the arselickers of the unhidden elite and they are totally obedient to the power of their masters; and it is their masters who 'utterly beyond all redemption', plan and cause the wars in which the ordinary men, women, and children, die in.

The Sickening Tragedy is that ALL politicians know that a vote for war is a vote to kill children, but they avert their eyes from it because their leaders tell them x, y, or z bullshit excuse and it is easier to comply than to risk censure or death by making a stand. And never forget the lust for power and the ambition of little men, it makes them all too easily corrupted by their Elite's money and psychotic influence.

These people truly are psychopaths; Sociopaths who feed off the misery and destruction of others. They desire neither ‘Peace nor Love’ and if you do not accept the truth of my words and force change upon the world and the elite by whatever means, then I can promise you this one thing. ‘They Will Kill Your Children’. It is as inevitable as our sun turning into the Red Giant we discussed earlier, they simply cannot stop themselves.

“All Wars are planned Wars. They are the inevitable design of a rich man’s lust for profit. The only variable is the death toll”.

I believe that the arrest and trial of Tony Blair for War Crimes is but one small step in our National Journey towards a 'Lasting and Meaningful Peace', but it is a step I believe we should take. For in his arrest there lays a possibility for our own redemption and a global metamorphosis for a real change in international society. It will send a clear message to the world and the elite who currently run it; 'That we the people are on to them and that their end is nigh'! Then it is I think that we will we see the true 'Terror of these Times' revealed at last, as the Elite strike to seize unrivalled power and impose open Fascism upon us all [rather than this sham of a Democracy that we all currently live under, and which is nothing so much as Indentured Serfdom controlled by Debt Slavery].

What happens next is up to you.

Good Luck.

If you want to know more about how the Iraq War is still claiming victims read and

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