Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Transference of Evil

The Conservative Party has issued forth its 'Racist' electioneering jingle about 'Migrants and how they will come to grips with this non-existent problem'.

It’s an interesting fact that our Politicians habitually spew out phony prose about how much they personally ‘abhor racism’ to the voting public via the medium of their State Controlled News Media, then include - within their unsavoury condemnations of others, the word ‘But’.

If you want truth... if you really want the whole truth read on... however be warned - I am not going to be polite nor spare your feelings.

Routinely throughout History when Politicians are about to do something ‘Morally Reprehensible’ they start talking about ‘Values’ or ‘Democracy’ or ‘Protecting our Freedoms’.
The next step in this tried and tested method of Bamboozlery, is that they stand on a stage some-place and drape themselves in their National Flag. Then using it as a ‘Holy Shroud’ in an attempt to cover the magnitude of their sins with its Nationalistic Aura, they lend unto themselves a ‘false divinity’ so that their vile rhetoric of hate - which basically goes along the lines of - “Migrants should be The Number 1 concern of every Citizen” is made somehow - more real - more inspired – more Holy!

In this way, and by association, do they hope to compromise their people’s integrity. By passing onto the people the consequences of their vile decisions [as though the public ever really had a choice in what these ‘Master Criminals’ do] they seek to spread any future blame for their vicious and depraved actions against other Human Beings onto the general populace claiming that - “I only ever acted in The Peoples interests”. We should call this type of Politician by their true name - ‘Fascist Bastards’ and call their action what they really are - ‘The Transference of Evil’.

When any Politicians tells you that a ‘X War’ is vital to the national interest of our country, what they are really saying is - “Let’s go to Africa or some Middle Eastern Country, [you know - someplace that has absolutely no fucking chance of fighting back effectively, and can never – ever - invade Buckinghamshire] - and kill us some niggers”.

This is about ‘RAPE & PILLAGE’.

Do not let these Neo-Liberal [Fascist] Politicians use our Flag for their Racist Agendas. The Truth is. though all wars are ‘Racist Wars’ what they are really fuelled by is a ‘politicians’ personal greed and his or her lust for power. And do not be twisted into their narrative by their ‘oh so un-cunning’ use of religion. These vermin support Islamic extremists in one country but bomb the hell out of them in another. They sell out Christian values with one hand but brutally enforce them with the other. They use Religion as both Honey and Baton; and it is all bullshit. War is about profit and control, and we, all of us, here or abroad, black or white, Islamic, Christian, Jew or Gentile, are all the victims of Warlords.

You have heard me say this many times but it is worth repeating - “The aim of all Government is perpetual war”. It does not matter whether they call themselves ‘Conservative, or Liberal Democrat, or Labour, or Ukip, they are all exactly the same. And this remains true in other nations where - using a variety of labels to muddy the colour of their political beliefs, they are all of them - exactly the same as here in Great Britain. 

They are all Fascists.

These people have exactly the same agenda wherever they might reside - be they in America, Germany, India, Britain, Australia, Israel, Iran, wherever! It is the age old Agenda of ‘The Master Race’, and here is some news for you... ‘You and I are not included’.

The Whole Truth is this...

‘If you buy into their rhetoric, if you believe a single word these Fascist Conservative Bastards tell you, then you are a Racist, Bigoted, Ignorant, Coward’; but what is more - you are also a Collaborator.  But guess what? Your mewling compliance to their Dominion will still not save you – and here’s why -

 “History proves time and again that Fascists always end up killing their own Citizens” – Kanjin Tor

We each of us earn our fate, the time to make a stand is now, or you can die like the pitiful dogs that they assume you to be.

Good Luck.

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