Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Two Worlds.

I believe that we are now a ‘Nation of Two Worlds’, and that the ‘Laws for The Rich’ are literally a World apart from the ‘Laws for The Poor’.

I believe that the Neo-Liberal Elite have set themselves the task, of creating a World in which, those at the bottom of the Economic Pile are ordered in such a manner as to be considered as mere chattel by the Elite, whose hate is manifest in their words, and by their actions towards the least amongst us...

They spare no sympathy or concern for the weak and infirm, no compassion is wasted upon the heads of The Poor, no thought is given to what their overreaching greed and lust does to the environment, and what this pursuit of Mammon means for the ecosystem of the World, and the People and animals therein who - must suffer their avaricious appetite for profit at the expense of their lives. Their cupidity is boundless; no place on Earth is so sacrosanct that it cannot be pillaged for a yield of a few measly Dollars. Nothing and no one is to be spared the consequence of their greed, except of course their children, but the rest of us can go to hell and to Devil with the hindmost!

Their ‘Rapaciousness’ is so inbred, so generationally ingrained that they deem the so called ‘Ordinary Man’ a beast of burden. Nothing so much as a undeserving, lazy, and altogether stupid oxen who must be whipped into shape to serve the needs of The Elite at the grinding mill of their golden temple.

‘The Poor are Poor because they are Lazy’. How many times have you heard this snippet of vile and unmerciful sophistry? “The Poor are undeserving because they lack imagination or refuse to take risks” they natter to themselves through the medium of The BBC and The Daily Mail; printing off some example of an extreme case of working class villainy to prove their point, as though every poor person chose their doom through idleness and indolence and not through a lack of education or ill chance.

The fact is simply this - These so called Elite think ‘Poverty is self inflicted because, having no scruples themselves, they imagine it is the same for others’. Thus they steal, defraud, dodge  their duties, lie, manipulate, conspire together, trick, bamboozle the plebiscite, and pay poverty wages, or enslave through debt, the ordinary man; and thenceforwards - consider themselves as ‘Clever’ for having garnered for themselves a fortune that they [or their grandfathers] pilfered from the rest of us.

We are a ‘Nation of Two Worlds’. The one where the top 5% sit pretty in their ivory towers looking down with disdain at the rest of us, reminding themselves with sneering condescension that they are ‘The Elite’ and deserve their dominant place in the world which they fashioned to suit. And the other where - struggle as you might - you will never be able to afford the house that you grew up in, or educate our children en-mass in their esteemed places of high learning.

Now some of you may be still under the illusion that you are part of some ‘Middling Class’. A people who through hard work and intellect have somehow scraped yourselves out of the danger zone of poverty, proud that you made it by being more hardnosed, more dog eat dog than the rest of us! I will leave you to your ignorant delusion for now, if you will allow that for The Poor a life of Poverty is not a choice or caused by laziness, but is a deliberate design by an Elite who choose through the false science of 'Trickle-Down Economics' to betray the human covenant of ‘co-operative work and sharing of the rewards’ such co-operation creates.

No man [save for perhaps a Writer], has ever gotten Rich all by themselves. This idea of a ‘Self-Made Man’ is ‘toilet water’ coloured blue by a disinfectant cube to hide the fact that it is still ‘toilet water’. The truth is – that Rich men got Rich because other men received a share less worthy of their effort. I do not know of any poor man who resents another man his riches. What they resent is that these rich men hoard the wealth created by the poor man’s hard labour and keep it solely for themselves. Thus do they deliberately, through self aggrandising gluttony, choose to keep for themselves a readily available Workforce, who being kept constantly poor - must choose between, slave wages or destitution [and possible untimely death not only for themselves, but also for their dependants].

This is not uncommon knowledge, this is not socialism, it is simple truth.

If you go look on The BBC Website you can find a classic bit of rationalization about ‘Poverty’ and how ‘Poor Relief’ was considered nothing so much as a way to ensure that Poor People had Large families.. I include here a passage of from their database.


“Since the Elizabethan Poor Law of 1601 relief had been available for the poor within their parish, financed by the poor rate (a tax based on land and buildings), with 'outdoor relief' and the workhouse. Outdoor relief provided payments for a range of needs, or relief in kind such as clothing and food, with the intent of enabling the able-bodied poor to remain at home.
The workhouse provided 'indoor relief', for the sick, elderly or orphaned - the 'impotent' poor who were unable to support themselves. The principle of settlement, established in 1662, meant that travelling paupers could be returned to their home parish, usually that of their birth for relief, unless they carried a certificate which promised that their parish would reimburse the parish where they became dependent.
By 1832 the practice of giving child allowances under this old ‘Poor Law’ was seen as encouraging large families while the alleged generosity of outdoor relief was seen as benefiting the feckless and reducing the resources available to the deserving poor”.


And this is what it still comes down to... who they [The Elite] deem as being ‘Deserving’!

To their squalid little minds - our current Rulers deem that anybody who is not part of their ‘Rich Eton White Boys Club’ must ergo be - in a descending order of place in society – ‘Quite intelligent but not born of the right blood so they can be our clerks’ - down to - ‘Plebiscite Scum who should tip their hats when we walk past and be grateful for any munificence or condescension we might spare them’. In their rotten little world view - anybody out of work ‘no matter the reason’ must be a ‘scrounging lazy good for nothing parasite’ who should be purged from their vision of society.

And I am not using Hyperbole here... this is not some horrible dream, the ramblings of some delusional Left Wing Anarchist; on Monday the 18th of November 2013 Boris Johnson has openly stated ““There is one minority that I still behold with a benign bewilderment, and that is the very, very rich” He went further and said “They are ‘Put upon victims like the Homeless and Irish Travellers’, they should get automatic knighthoods and our humble thanks”! 
Then there is Tory nob Jeremy Hunt who claims that the institution under which the majority of British People have been born under in the last 60 or so years ‘The NHS’ is a ‘60 year old mistake’ and deliberately underfunds and under staffs it so that you will accept his privatisation tactics as he gives it away to his friends behind closed doors making themselves even richer at our expense.
And then we come to Grant Shapps; a Tory MP investigated by the police who found evidence of criminal fraud, but for whom no penalty will be levied as The Police have refused to press any charges against him; presumably because ‘The Rich dance to different Laws than you or I, don’t they’?

And finally, almost as if to prove beyond any doubts that I am speaking the Absolute Truth – there is the Tory Peer ‘Lord Howard Flight’ who said in 2010 that  - “Welfare changes will encourage breeding" amongst poor people”.

The Bells of 1832 are ringing loud and clear in the Halls of Conservatism, I hope they are ringing in your ears too.

These people are not really people; they are Aliens and come from a different world, a World where the ‘Laws for The Rich’ are literally opposite to the ‘Laws for The Poor’.

We are ‘A Nation of Two Worlds’, and your struggles to survive in it are not an accident. They are the choice of Rich Men.

Good Luck.

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