Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Define 'Terrorism' you Imperial Fucks.

I knew ‘Death’ once
And I would with surly eye
And thick curled lip,
spit in his eye and laugh.

But that was long ago,
And I then very young
Walked in hubris across a darkened land
With assured foot
As tyranny feared my ‘fell visage’.

Come death...

These days
The Truth is less solid,
And it survives now
only in my dreams.
A golden age
That never was
A land of imperial Schemes.

For myself?

I live in the hope of
renewing once again
that fellowship with
friends long passed,
and seek out nought
but to see the peaceful
Golden shores at last.

Welcome Death...

You Civilians who ramble complacent
Through the graveyard
of our blood soaked ‘Democracy’?
know nothing of its true cost.

To our Masters it is nothing
but a random apostrophe!
To the mothers of this land
It’s a Grade A fucking Catastrophe,

For The Price is the blood of children!

They murder at a whim
They slaughter from on high
They rape and pillage
And steal our wealth
And leave us out to die.

Pitiable Death...

Define who the Terrorists are
It’s easy if you try..?
For we have become Death.
And the fault?
Is you and I.


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