Saturday, 12 April 2014

The Lime Pit.

At first ‘The Establishment’ tried hard to convince you all that *Establishment Paedophilia* was a fantasy.

They endeavoured to convince you all that these *Rumours* of *Establishment Paedophilia* were just the ravings of a minority of deranged and deeply disturbed men and women; ‘Social Misfits’ so far out on the edge of ‘Conspiracy Theory’ as to be comical, and certainly ripe for derision. And many of you did deride these people didn’t you, because after all ‘who has ever heard of a Government controlled and run by a gang of child molesting rapists? It was all too preposterous wasn’t it?

Then the ‘Jimmy Savile’ story broke! Well actually it did not so much break as it was released in a sort of drip drip controlled fashion by Establishment mouthpieces so that the stupid [I believe anything The Press tells me] people of Great Britain could go ‘tut tut’ over their typical morning Fascist tabloid in false outrage as the Editors placed the story next to much more *cough* important issues like ‘Britain to be Swamped by Romanian Immigrants’ and ‘Kate Middleton is having a baby’ - and all the while they were trying their damnedest to convince you that this ‘paedophilia thing’ was all in the past. And many of you bought into that narrative didn’t you - because after all ‘who has ever heard of a Government guarded and run by a gang of child molesting rapists? It was all too outlandish to be true wasn’t it? And anyway these dam smelly immigrants are a much more a serious threat to your children’s’ future, what with them coming over here, selling drugs and scrounging off our benefits system – right?

Then ‘The Establishment’ arrested a few minor celebrities [very minor] and said “Look Look we got em all” – and many of you bought into this Establishment pushed storyline that it was ONLY celebrities who were child rapists – ‘after  all who has ever heard of a Government shielded and run by a gang of child raping sadists? It was all too laughable wasn’t it?

But then ‘The Establishment’ got worried. Their carefully contrived 'cover ups and lies' were failing to stick to some of the people, and seeing their official storyline was being seriously questioned they looked around for a scapegoat - and what better than somebody who was dead. So they cried out “Look we got it wrong, hands up; there was a Parliamentarian raping children and his name was Cyril Smith, but that’s all in the past and nothing to do with any of us in The Establishment”. And millions of you, fearful of the growing evidence of your Governments Perfidy, sucked up this Establishment bullshit that it was all in the past because – ‘after  all who has ever heard of a Government run by a gang of perverted child rapists? It was all too absurd wasn’t it? But the rumours of child rape and child murders kept on coming. Whistleblowers kept putting their stories up on YouTube, openly telling the world of their experience and evidence of ‘Establishment Paedophilia’ but still you refused to listen to them because after all 'WHO HAS EVER HEARD OF A GOVERNMENT SHIELDED AND RUN BY A GANG OF CHILD MURDERING RAPISTS? 

It was all too frightening wasn’t it?

Well get ready boys and girls coz I got some bad news for you.... it is fucking frightening - and it is fucking real.

For years now people have been claiming that ‘The Establishment’ has been compromised, that it has been and is being, controlled by people who know about their child raping transgressions, controlled by people who have hard evidence of their penchant for raping underage boys and girls, and yes –sometimes even murdering their victims to keep their grubby little secrets as silent as the unknown lime pit graves in which they allegedly bury the dead in. 

But this is a morbid fantasy right, an outlandish conspiracy theory - right?

From MI5 to the Prime-Ministers office to the Halls of Buckingham Palace [past and present] everybody knew and knows, and was or is party to this stain on our collective Honour. They all covered it up. They have routinely denigrated whistleblowers, [there are rumours that some have been murdered] they have silenced victims through intimidatory tactics and court rulings, and the media has consistently conspired with ‘The Establishment’ to cover it all up, and have repeatedly tried to deceive and manipulate the public with titbit stories of salacious celebrities in order to divert your attention from who the ‘perpetrators’ of this insidious crime spree really are. And to top it all off, in a gross injustice of utter villainy - they have even had the temerity to sue anybody who tries to expose their evil and claim money out of the public purse for damages to their good character.

Well here is a ‘Tip’ for you – there are no ‘Good Characters’ in ‘The Establishment’. They all knew about this evil, they were all were party to covering it up, ‘knowing silence’ is covering it up; and the few [the very few] who tried to expose what was and is going on were and are hounded and made to look foolish by their attack dogs in the press. These scumbags are wicked in a way that marks them out from the likes of other iniquitous men, and it is about time we ‘The People’ marched on London, dragged these vermin out of their squalid hiding holes, and hanged the whole fucking lot of them from the lamp posts lining the Thames.

What? You think that is extreme?

Let me tell you what extreme is....

Every single year 10 Thousand children go missing here in Great Britain. An estimated 1000 of these kids are never seen alive again.


Think about that for a moment....

That begs the question - “Where are all the bodies” - doesn't it?

That’s the extent of the problem that we are facing here in the United Kingdom of Great Britain; that is what extremism looks like...

But this is a morbid fantasy right, an insane conspiracy theory - right?

As it turns out 'Wrong'!

Now - using the medium OF The Daily Mail - ‘The Establishment’ are grudgingly admitting that MI5 knew all about this paedophilia in Parliament and that ‘they’ tried to cover it up. Drip by bloody drip ‘The Establishment’ are easing all of you into a state of mild acceptance of their heinous crimes. It was always somebody else committing these acts of perfidy, it was always the celebrities’ raping children, it was always MI5 who covered it up, it is always in the past – “look away you plebs, nothing to see here - it is not happening now, here in the 21st century, not by us guv – oh no!”

And you will buy this ‘Establishment’ bag of bullshit because - ‘who has ever heard of a Government controlled and run by a gang of Child Murdering Rapists? It is all too unbelievable - isn’t it?

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