Monday, 4 August 2014

The Bulletproof Babies of Gaza.

It is an accepted ‘Truth’ splashed across the World’s Mainstream Media, and repeated ad- nauseam by Newspaper editors from here to New Delhi and beyond; that Palestinian’s and Hamas are using children as ‘Human Shields’. That Parents of children whose eyes have only just opened after 9 months in the security of the womb, are using their new born babies to cover the disgusting filthy tactics of Hamas ‘the evil doers’, and that they do this willingly because - as everybody knows - ‘Muslims do not love their children. Muslim’s (apparently) are a race of ‘Women hating Child loathing Jihadists’ who want nothing more than to martyr themselves and their entire families in the name of their evil God.

Let us get something straight here before we move on.

‘If you believe this rhetoric, not only are you a moron descended from a long line of ill-bred ignoramuses, but you are also a ‘Misanthropic Racist Pig’.

The subtext of this global push to portray Palestinians as unthinking, uncaring, subhuman’s in Mainstream Media is about as close to the rhetoric of Nazi Germany as you can get without actually signing off each broadcast with the Propagandists (Newsreaders) sat in front of a Flag of Hakenkreuz shouting out a rousing ‘Seig Heil’ as they raise their arms in Fascist Salute to the background music of "Das Lied der Deutschen" playing them out.

Let me explain this for the stupid out there who don’t yet quite grasp what is going on.

The average body weight of your typical adult male in the United Kingdom is 185.2 pounds (84kg), whereas the average weight of your typical British female is 152.1 pounds (69kg) and the average weight of new born baby is about 7.5 Pounds (3.4kg). The average weight of a ‘5.56mm Ball, M855, NATO Round’ which the Israeli Defence Force commonly uses in their ‘Assault Rifles’ and is produced by ‘Israeli Military Industries LTD’ Small Calibre Division (“Yitzhak”) in the city of ‘Ramat HaSharon’ - is about 4 grams and it travels at 3,100 feet per second and has an equivalent energy of 1,303 ft·lbf.

This Israeli version of the 5.56mm NATO Round is dubbed the ‘RAZOR CORE’ and has been extensively tested in Combat by what ‘Israeli Military Industries LTD’ (IMI) euphemistically call ‘A Undisclosed Customer’ - but as one of their major customers is ‘The American Military Complex’ I think we can all guess as to which set of bastards they refer when they put out this ‘Combat Tested’ spiel on their promotional video’s.

Now you’re thinking ‘What the fuck has this got to do with anything’ right?

Well for those of us who have ever had any experience on the front line of a combat situation, and been shot at by bullets [5.56mm or otherwise] the one absolute truth we know is – ‘That Babies make for very poor Cover’.

We also know that Adults make poor shields; in point of fact – even a Rhinoceros would make a very poor shield. As to hiding behind cars, the often used option of American Action Heroes who ‘Die-Hard’? - Nope sorry – they are about as much use to you as a wet fart in a high wind because the bullets will go through the car, your body, the next three guys hiding behind you, and still be travelling towards the distant horizon with an alacrity that even Speedy Gonzalez would admire... The truth is that when a hail of military grade full metal jacketed bullets starts winging your way the one thing you will never see is a Soldier holding a baby up in front of him using it as a shield – it simply doesn’t work. And that’s just bullets; when people start lobbing 2000 pound bombs at your location you can forget using babies - what you need is force fields and I have to inform you ladies and gentlemen, they don’t exist – yet!

Now you’re thinking ‘That whole paragraph is a fatuous statement’ - right?

Ah well yes it is, but I made it for a very good reason because some people (I have recently discovered) do actually use children as ‘Human Shields’ but it is not Hamas, it is not the mothers of Palestinian Babies, it is not the fathers of Muslim children playing football in the market squares of Gaza; it is – in point of fact ‘The Israeli Defence Force’.

Time and again we are seeing on alternate media, pictures of Israeli Soldiers using children tied to military vehicles as they aim their rifles from behind them at Palestinian adults. And it works.
Palestinians – far from being illogical, uncaring, subhuman’s who do not give two figs for their children, as portrayed time and again in the Worlds Media it seems will not fire their weapons at their own children.
So perhaps I was mistaken, perhaps Human Shields do work, but first you have to kidnap your enemies’ children and then place them between you and them?

The point is this –


I know of no race of people who would willingly ignore so terrible a threat to their children and deliberately place them in front of themselves in order to forestall the bombs and bullets of a ‘Vicious Enemy’ whom they know absolutely ‘care not whether they slaughter their babies or children’.
Such behaviour is atypical only of monstrous assassins and not frightened mothers who love their children as much as you love yours. 

Can you imagine if Winston Churchill had deliberately placed British children in and around our munitions factories and had told the German High Command of this tactic in an effort to stop the Nazi’s from bombing these munitions plants? The British people would have hung him from the nearest lamppost.

This same equivalency can be transposed onto Hamas. The Father’s and Mother’s of Palestinian children would kill the leaders of Hamas without mercy if such were the case; but this is simply is not what is happening. Ergo what does ‘LOGIC’ tell you about these so called Terrorists that the Mainstream News Media portray as ‘subhuman bogeymen’?

This whole rhetoric is the language of White Supremacists’. It is the rhetoric of Joseph Goebbels and the Propaganda Ministry of Nazi Germany; it is the acceptable xenophobic oratory of a deeply racist, deeply corrupt Media, and very few News Broadcasters and hardly any Newspapers across the world are deviating from this script of the ‘Subhuman Muslim’.

It is a ‘Truth’ widely accepted and splashed across the World’s Mainstream Media; repeated ad- nauseam by Newspaper editors from London to New York and beyond; that ‘Muslim Palestinian’s and Hamas’ are using children as ‘Human Shields’ - AND IT IS A LIE.

Jeremy Bowen a BBC reporter stationed in Gaza reported that he had ‘Seen No Evidence of Hamas Using Children as Human Shields’. The Israeli Government complained calling this ‘Pro-Hamas reporting’ and the BBC immediately pulled him out.

The 'Zionists' - it seems - have a very long reach... 

I wonder - how many more Palestinian babies must die before you accept that Muslim Mothers love their children as much as you love your children, what will it take to convince you that they would - just like you - rather die than deliberately place them in 'Harms Way'?

Gaza is not Israel defending itself. Gaza is Ethnic Cleansing, and anybody with a conscience can see who are the cleaners. 


  1. I really couldn't agree more. In fact, as I understand it, Israel are actually doing all the things they accuse Hamas of, and many times worse. The SS would be proud.

  2. I stand with Israel.

    I do hope the Ham-Ass goat fuckers get everything they deserve...