Friday, 26 September 2014

A simplistic history of ISIS for the Stupid.

How to ferment and importantly, sustain [amongst the stupid cowardly bigoted electorate] support for an invasion of what was a highly secular Syria; post the Iraq & Afghanistan conflict.

1/ You must have a viable enemy. Having been friends with and treated with President Assad the Western Allies cannot just intervene [invade] in Syria when Assad refuses to bow to the IMF. Therefore our rulers need to create chaos in Syria as a pretext for military intervention. Thus they train fund and arm and infiltrate agitators into the heartland of Islamic Syria.

2/ Then you create atrocities using the deaths of children by low grade WMD’s such as Sarin Gas.

3/ Then you call a vote to bomb Syria.

4/ The Public outraged by Iraq & Afghanistan and now much more aware because of social media pressure their MP’s who reluctantly vote NO. This causes the far right extremists such as Michael Gove to become incandescent with apoplectic rage calling his fellow MP’s ‘Traitors’ for not supporting the right wings desire for War.

5/ Having failed for the first time in a very long time to get the war they lust after the far right set themselves to plotting and they look about themselves for a plan.

6/ Fortunately for them they did not have to look far and instead of creating some new tactic they decided to stick to what they know [these are not bright people you understand] and pursue a furtherance of Operation Cyclone the brain child of Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski and Jimmy Carter.

7/ Take the Mujahedeen, who you turned into The Taliban, who you turned into Al-Qaeda, who you turned into The Muslim Brotherhood, and turn them into ISIS.

8/ Get *IS* to a state of power that they can run riot in Iraq and Syria, murder a few Westerners, Slaughter women, men, children indiscriminately, crucify some Christians, and have them set up Extreme Islamic Enclaves where no woman is safe, and hey presto you have your viable enemy because the stupid amongst our own electorate will jump at any chance to feed their racism...

9/ Call yet another vote to war on Syria [under the guise of dealing with the manufactured ISIS threat] and you have your WAR.

And that ladies and gentlemen is how you turn the ignorance of the electorate into war; it’s not hard, in fact it is remarkable easy to manipulate those who are so pig ignorant and cowardly that they would rather vote for their own enslavement than vote for freedom.

What pitiable creatures you are... 


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