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I don't watch much TV these days, and it's mainly because the piss and shit that is pumped into our living rooms on a daily basis via the means of the State Controlled Propaganda Machine in the corner of our living rooms, which is controlled by talentless pricks who willingly collaborate with the Establishments agenda of 'dumbing down' - think mediocrity is a goal too high to aim for.

Thus it is that as a general rule you can count on the fingers of one hand the amount of 'Talented' individuals who get air time on our TV Screens.

In their Propagandised Broadcasts designed to turn the people of Britain into unthinking, lazy, fat arsed wimps, who willingly cede their innate human sovereignty into the hands of a criminal elite, thinking is considered a crime. Intellectual reach and the questioning of the States News Broadcasts is tantamount to heresy, but that is an easily spotted right wing agenda, at least for anybody with an IQ over 50 that is. 

No - it is in the daily drivel of Eastenders, Casualty, Xfactor, the monotony of StrictlyChefComePrancingBakeOff packed full of nonentities without a single fucking redeeming feature to their name in which the danger to British Civilisation lays.

In the old days you could get yourself  a Degree by Watching the Television for Christ's sake, now all you can get is shingles. There used to be brilliant hard hitting documentaries which exposed TRUTH and brought down Governments and changed the very fabric of our society for the better.

Nowadays what do we have? Some talentless random wanker screeching a song [and I am being gentle here when I use the word *Screeching*] on The Voice, or XFactor, or BritainsGotNoFuckingTalentWhatsoever or some other such bullshit show, whilst 'Nigel Fucking Farage' is pumped endlessly into your living rooms through the State Controlled TV Screens as though he is the second fucking coming of Christ, the Saviour of our Nation, the Chosen One... Which in point of fact I suppose is exactly what Farage is - 'Their Chosen One' and you dear reader are commanded to 'Believe'....

So no - I don't watch much Telly these days, its too full of Shysters, Quislings, and talentless pricks, which is probably why I had no fucking clue who Mark Little was when he first tweeted a reply to one of my Tweets... I mean to say the last time I saw a fucking Soap Opera was back in the Eighties and it was from the land down under... oh wait...

Joe Mangel [or was it Mangle?] had just tweeted me... strange fucking world. But this random interchange between myself and Mark was a pleasant interlude from the usual hate filled shitwater that is aimed at me by the insane brigade of the Ukiper National Front for calling their beloved Fuehrer 'Nigel Farage' a lying, thieving, hypocritical cunt.

As it turned out we have a similar view of the aforementioned Huguenot arsehole, and while we're not best buddies or even friends, I kinda like Mr Little's political viewpoint so we exchanged a few random bits of chit chat over the next few months which led, eventually, to a random bit of chance whereby I was to be in London [Sodom & Gomorrah] over this past weekend to see a good mate of mine and he happened to be doing a Avant-Garde  comedy show at The Chicken & Hen Theatre in Highbury, so I thought... 'what the fuck, it might be worth the while to go see his gig'.

Well I have seen two other Comedy Shows in my life, one was the excellent Mike Harding and the other was [much to my chagrin] when I was forced by an ex-girlfriend to go witness Jim Davidson's live show back in the late 80s early 90s [which might also explain why she became an ex?]

Jim Davidson was fucking awful by the way... I mean on a galactic scale of fucking awful he sucked like a super massive black hole, in fact a Black Hole would have less sucking power than he. The man was a misogynistic, openly racist, bigot, and in every way that it was possible to be, he acted like a prima fucking donna and a disgusting piece of extreme right wing shit. He spent the whole show trying his damnedest to belittle anybody in the audience who was a labour voter [undoubtedly he felt safe in doing this because he was doing his show in a deeply Conservative Area; but his vitriol was so disgusting that even the Tories in the audience fell silent in contempt]. And last but not least there he committed the ultimate crime of any comedian, he possessed not a single ounce of 'Funny'.

I have never witnessed any crowd fall out of love with the entertainer in the way I saw Jim Davidson alienate his audience that night, Tory and Labour voter alike became so silent that he left the stage what must have been at least 20 minutes early. If shit could walk then Jim Davidson that night was the quintessence of a walking turd...

So you can see why 25 plus years later, I was somewhat cautious in risking my money to go see a comedian live on stage... but risk it I did and I have to tell you all Mark Little was funny.

It's been quite a while since I laughed so well and so long, his show was intelligent, casual, factual, hilarious, farcical [in a good way] and downright fun.

In fact it was the best thing I have spent money on in a very long time. His show [called  HUMOURMONGERY] had me in fits of giggles, and early on watching my mate beat the living crap out of his gentiles as he recited the 'Ballad of Boris Dancing ' on stage was just one of many highlights...

But there is another reason why I share this little bit of information about a random tweeter [pardon the pun] and it is because not only was he funny, talented, witty, had character, and could engage last night's audience with the casual ease of a natural raconteur, he is also a man who wrote and directed a comedy pilot show called 'Robin' [link provided below] .

Robin was set in Sherwood with all the usual suspects of the story involved, and it is deeply funny. Yet this masterpiece of avant-garde was turned down by both sets of talentless pricks who govern the BBC and Channel 4, and having watched it again now [three times] I can only presume they turned Robin down because it was too intelligent, anarchic, abstruse, and genuinely funny [without the need for some bullshit canned laughter] for our modern day dumbed down audience hyped up on the meaningless shitwater of Eastenders, Coronation Sleep ZZzzz, Casualty and all the other 'CelebrityComeCookMeAFuckingCakeDancingOnXmarksthefuckingSpotStrictlyGetMeTheFuckOutOfHere'  programs, in which the only requirement of the audience is that they be as stupid as a can of fucking nails.

I did not introduce myself to Mark Little, last night, that would have been a little too crass, and perhaps a bit weird, but I did get to stand on stage with him for 5 seconds when I won a prize for being 'The Worst Poet in the World' in which he presented me with a Sidney Bridge Coat Hanger as a reward for my pitiable efforts to write a short verse for his Boris Dancing Song...

"Boris Johnson
Steals our money,
But that's okay
Coz he is funny.
But me?
I want our money back,
Coz Boris Johnson
he's a prat!"

Well it was late and I was kinda put on the spot.

I left the Hen & Chicken Theatre [accompanied by my ball bashing friend] with a massive smile on my face and a memory which lasted to this morning of having had a really good evening and a tinge of regret that somebody with a real talent for avant-garde humour is somehow still best remembered in this country for playing a thick Ozzie called Joe Mangel [or was it Mangle?]

Mister Little I salute your HUMOURMONGERY.

You can watch Robin here >>>

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