Monday, 16 February 2015

Full Metal Jacket... $$$

There is a lot of bullshit written about ISIS, from commentators without a clue, people talking smack about who is behind the rise of such groups around the world. Indeed TV pundits and so called Journalists everywhere regularly pontificate about the subject and pass their rambling musings off as Gospel expecting [and rightly so] that 90% of you will believe their bullshit because 'It's on the Telly'.

So let me give you a very simple example of why you need to THINK about what you are being told.

"War is about profit nothing else" - Kanjin Tor

How many times have you seen me say this? But within this small quote is a deeper reality which folks with little to no experience about how to conduct a War might understandably miss.

This is a 7.62×39mm AK47 standard round.

ISIS also use a 5.56mm standard NATO Round for their M16 derivatives .

As well as artillary shells and tank shells and and and... but for simplicities sake let us stay here with just the high calibre rifle cartridges that the average ISIS combatant might use.

It is important to note here that ISIS troops whilst being ferocious are not disciplined Soldiers who tend to only shoot aimed shots. Instead they follow the American Hollywood policy of 'Spray and Pray'... Rambo Style.... at least most of them, (It is also why when I see on the telly some masked ISIS fighters taking careful aim in tight combat situations my first thought is 'They are Mercenaries or SOLDIERS'...

So here is a question for you all....

"Who is making the bullets ISIS use?"

And if you are sat their thinking 'they captured all their bullets' you are clearly a civilian with no experience of combat because that is not how resupply works.

Certainly you can sustain attacks into enemy territory for a few days this way... but that option rapidly fails as a tactic of resupply leaving you without the means to fight [Ask the German Wehrmacht  about the limitations of that policy when they attacked at the battle of the bulge].

No - bullets have to be regularly resupplied to an attacking Army, and that means bullets have to be manufactured in sufficient quantity to arm your troops, and they have to be paid for, because no arms manufacturer in history has ever given away his bullets for free. And then these bullets have to transported to your troops and handed out to them in regular sufficient quantity so that they can fight.

Manufacturing enough bullets for such operations is not an easy everyday thing to do... not on the industrial scale that ISIS seem to be using their weaponry that is.

First you have to acquire large quantities of brass and copper and the composite chemicals which make up the propellant inside the millions of cartridges that you intend to make.

But even before this part of the process begins you have to have the factories and machinery to make the cartridge cases, the warheads, and the propellant, to enable you to put them all together in a consistent and standardised manner so that you don't get thousands of failures. [oh and also without blowing yourself to smithereens].

And that Ladies and Gentlemen is just the bullets never mind the larger shells we see being used.

So the question is... who is making all the bullets to arm ISIS? Who is buying all these bullets that are being made for them and transporting them across the world, and then across the battlefields of Syria and Iraq to the individual units and members of ISIS?

"War is about profit ladies and gentlemen... and that means LOGISTICS" - Kanjin Tor

Suddenly - what you see on the telly looks a lot different doesn't it?

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