Monday, 30 March 2015

Are you a Dog?

What is not said...

What is truly shocking about the Rifkind and Straw 'sting' to my mind is that until the sting took place Sir Malcolm Rifkind was in charge of Parliament's 'Intelligence and Security Committee' - yet this man's services can and could be bought by foreign interests and cheaply too.

But what is worse is that everybody in Westminster about it and that implies a collective collaboration from all members of all political parties.

Jack Straw is another bag of shit cast from the same mould, but for now - let us stay with Rifkind.
The whole establishment is implicated by his actions. MI5 - MI6 would have already known that this creature was touting his services to one and all for a few shekels. Indeed hundreds of politicians would also have known that this thing was selling himself. It is unimaginable that in the enclosed bubble of Westminster that anybody did not know what this scumbag was doing. Certainly the so called guardians of our pseudo-democracy 'The Press' knew about his activities; that is why they did the sting at a time and place which suited their political Agenda. One supposes that even the fucking Westminster Palace cleaners probably knew that Rifkind was whoring himself out to the highest bidder.

In point of fact, the only people who were left unaware of his wrongful activities were us 'The People' whom he was supposedly in office to 'SERVE' and whose double dealings undoubtedly caused him to betray.

"A man cannot have two Masters" - Matthew 6:24

So it is that if MI5 and 6 knew then the various Prime-Ministers would have been made aware that Rifkind (and other politicians) were and are continuing to act in a manner which can only be best described as 'acting in a manner which borders on Treason for money'.

And yet here we are but a few short weeks later and the story has gone away. It has disappeared into the archives of British History with no investigation into his activities for money on behalf of organisations which are in no way allied to the best interests of this Nation. His conduct has not and will not be examined with any scrutiny. No detailed analysis of his dealings and the impact they have upon our vital national interests will be conducted by the Security Services or The Police. Rifkind will walk away a free man, richer and more arrogant than ever, knowing full well that because The Establishment allowed him to sell his services in a manner so dangerous to the interests of this country they too are culpable and they would and will prefer the whole thing to fade away into the general background miasma of Establishment Corruption that so pervades the body politic.

And right there Ladies & Gentlemen is the whole Establishment. The Government - The Security Services - The Intelligence Community - The Civil Services - Parliament - The Police - The Press, The Media, Royalty, and last but not least - Number Ten.

The Fact that Jack Straw was doing similar merely implicates and proves to us The Electorate that the whole rotten gang - from all Parties - all the way back to and including Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown, and Cameron are corrupt filthy disgusting vermin who have zero honour or any steadfast loyalty to this Nation and us The Citizens herein.

The simple truth is this...

If you are a foreign Potentate you don't have to threaten Great Britain to get what you want... All you have to do is cough up a few coins and buy our politicians outright.

Now you may be thinking 'yeah but that's politicians for you, what can we do about it, that is just the way it is'?

Well all I can say to such people is - 'Bollocks, get off your fat indolent arse and at least make some fucking noise you spineless wankers'.

Now I know such a statement will not win me any fans. Calling my fellow countrymen a bunch of shiftless cowards will not endear me to the general populace, but frankly Ladies & Gentlemen 'I simply do not give a fuck, the time for plain speaking is here'.

For over a decade I and my comrades risked our lives daily. hourly, minute by minute, so that you lot could have the peace and security to live your lives safe from the terrors without. Your sole responsibility to us Servicemen and women was to ensure that the Country we came back to was not a Nation governed by Fascists, and that you, my fellow countrymen, were not reduced by your utter apathy and total lack of intellectual curiosity into a mewling mass of Servile Slaves without the common sense of a fucking jackass.


We are governed from top to toe by criminals, you know it, I know it, everybody knows it. And yet do I see a swarming mass of citizens marching on Westminster and ousting these villainous scum from their high offices? Do I see the people refusing the dominion of these wicked child raping, paedophile covering up monsters? Do I see Bankers being hauled in front of a people's court for their inhumane and treasonous crimes against this nation? Do I see citizens setting up tribunals to seek justice against those who collaborate with these villains as they impose benefit sanctions against children with Leukaemia? Do I witness you people rising up in outright revolt against the perfidious rule of those who daily betray our nations Doctors, Nurses, Fire Fighters, Soldiers, Sailors?

No I fucking don't!

Instead you sit there on your fat arses talking bullshit about immigrants and how lazy people with disabilities all are. Moaning about the unemployed as though it can never happen to you, as though somehow you alone remain immune to the ravages of these criminals who rape our Nation for self gain. And all the while you wank yourselves off over some fatuous celebrity reality show, tweeting about your beloved football icons and your favourite act on XMarksTheSpotOfNoTalentWhatsSoFuckingEver.

What the fuck is wrong with you people, have you collectively taken a stupid pill or something? Did the IQ of Great Britain collapse whilst I was out in the hooloo? Have you all abandoned your morality, your sense of justice. Did you miss the lesson about 'Duty to your Fellow Man' at school or something? Are you all so far up your own arses that Justice, Democracy, Fellowship, Equality, Fairness, are totally missing from your vocabulary?


We are governed by criminals who sell us out and themselves for Money. They have NO honour, Our Press are utterly corrupt, our media morally bankrupt and nothing but a device of propaganda for the elite who feed you lies as though it were truth, fiction as though it were fact, and substitute 'Love of Country' with 'Hate for the Other'.

If the failure of the Scottish Independence vote proves anything at all to me it is this... that over half of the people in this Nation are stupid, lazy, or [and also] cowards who even when shown the door to freedom will still run back inside their slave pens crying about all the bad immigrants out there...

For over a decade I and my comrades risked our lives daily so that you, the people of Great Britain, could have the peace and security to live out your lives safe from the horrors without. Your sole responsibility to us Servicemen, now and those who came before us, was and remains - to ensure that the Country we came back to was not a Nation governed by Fascists...

You have all failed this duty spectacularly, and I am deeply ashamed of having wasted so much precious time on creatures who place such little worth on their own intellectual and physical freedoms.

If you want Democracy you have to get off your fat arses and fight for it... otherwise all you will get is another 5 years of Dominion by a power elite who give not a single fuck about anything but themselves... and if you think to follow their example of only thinking of yourself then what is the point of your miserable, mealy mouthed, cowardly, brainless existence?

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