Monday, 27 April 2015

Voting for your Soul.

Voting is a binding pact between you and the past. Voting is a binding pact between you and the future. It is a concord between your soul and the lives of your ancestors, on whose shoulders you stand, and all the descending generations of your progeny. Their hopes, their dreams, their aspirations, and their chances for a better life than the one you yourself endured hang on your decision to make a stand.

Voting in a hard won Democracy is one of the few honours that you as an individual possess that you can hand on to the generations yet to come. For unlike wealth and power, which will I assure you, eventually fade into nothingness; honour and decency remain nailed to the spine of your lineage.

Thus those whose forefathers conquered and ruled this land with a vicious and insatiable zeal, reflect today entire generations of contempt and hatred for the common man. Your sons and daughters, their sons and daughters, and down through the all the ages echo your choices and reflect our honour. So it is that they, whose ancestors in antiquity made a mockery of Honour, and sought dominion and wealth at the expense of others, reflect exactly today their forefathers disgraceful deeds and reprehensible choices.

How we as individuals vote sets in place the spirit of our Nation and how it will develop. And as the essence of your current resolve and personal morals casts their long shadow down the timeline of the ages, know that it is the children of your kin as yet unborn in the distant land of the future who will reap the reward or fel-chance of today's ethic.

You can vote for hate, it's easy. Let your greed and the selfishness of the now command your spirit meanly. Let the malice of your miserly soul  dominate your choice, choose cruelty over fellowship and dam the future of your kids and possibly your own soul to a Dystopian nightmare in which there is no light or courage...

It is true that you can cling to your fears and your prejudices and vote with the established order. Vote for their misandry and misogyny, for their generational hatred of the common man. And it is also true that you can pass on their hatred to the future. Leaving nothing of yourself but a screaming soul lurking in some darkened corner of hell watching the future world burn in a fire fuelled by the avarice of those whose Dominion yet rules us.

Or you can choose hope.

For decades they have worked hard to convince you all that YOU cannot change anything. That your vote will in no way effect the future. That no matter what you do, no matter what Party or Politician you vote for, nothing will change.

This is The Great Lie.

Imagine years from now, long after you have passed into dust. Imagine one of your descendants living in a world in which all hope is gone. Where their right to life or death are decisions made solely by a Super Elite who have no concern for the cares of your distant relative. Imagine them being forced literally to slave in fields to feed these elite and produce a bounty upon which they themselves are not allowed to feast. Imagine a time when the choices of who a person may or may not mate with, is determined by the warped eugenic driven hatred, and the wealth focused conceit of the sons of mankind's eternal enemies. 
Imagine if you can, a moment in history when this inheritor of your soul is facing a perpetual hellish enslavement, where their life choices come down to 'pain and suffering or starvation'. Imagine then what contempt they might have for you, knowing that by refusing to vote, a simple act of putting a cross on a piece of paper, you have condemned them, your progeny; and all the sons of men, to a doom in which no man may look up at the sky free from the dominion of evil?

And all you had to do to change this future Dystopia is to get off your fat arse and vote [or rebel], now, while you have the chance?

It is your moral Duty to either Rebel or Vote. Voting at this time in our History is a binding pact between you and the past. Voting is a binding pact between you and the future. It is a accord between your soul and all the lives of your ancestors, on whose shoulders you stand. And whether or not you know it, voting is the doom of all the descending generations of your progeny.

Their hopes, their dreams, their aspirations, and their chances for a better life than the one you yourself endured sit squarely upon your shoulders, and your decision to make a stand, or to meekly sit back and let your cowardice command you into apathy.

There are two political truisms. The Right always vote, and the Left always argue and descend into a lethargy.

It is how The Right win elections. The truth is that The Right are vastly outnumbered by the Socially minded Left. And yet despite these overwhelming odds The Right win elections? That is why I can never call myself a True Lefty. You Lefties by your disunity are responsible for Margaret Thatcher, for Tony Blair, for David Cameron, for Iain Duncan Smith and his hatred of the poor and the disabled.

And the Right know that this is how The Left are, and thus they play The Left as fools, as the mewling clowns that they are. And frankly Ladies and Gentlemen 'The Left' deserve every loss they earn. But it is also true that for every victory that 'The Right' gain it weakens their overall position, particularly in this modern day world of instant social media where their uncoordinated lies are transparent and easily exposed.

Of course 'The Right' imagine that by winning an election they have achieved a victory for their ideology of 'egocentric greed'. The Elite imagine that a 36% vote for their 'bought and paid for politicians' by an utterly bamboozled populace who have been propagandised into uneasy collaboration, is a win. They think such election victories are a great triumph, one that sets them on the path to their final goal of total dominion; but they are entirely wrong on this point. Every vote cast in their favour, every Election won is nothing but a Pyrrhic Victory. For in the short term, while it may seem perhaps a sanctification of their hateful agenda, the truth is that each victory succeeds only in opening the eyes of ever more of the populace to their perfidious nature and hastens The Elite's ultimate doom. The true lesson of all revolutions and particularly the cyber revolution is that money cannot quell a vengeful people. It is a lesson The Elite refuse to learn. Thus will their greed and wanton selfishness be their ultimate undoing."

That is why voting is important Ladies and Gentlemen, because despite their attempts to convince you that voting changes nothing quite the reverse is true, for even if 'The Right' finally give in to their lusts and attempt an overthrow of what we here call Democracy in order to retain the Dominion of their Ancestors, all they will achieve is exposing themselves for what they are.... Fascists.

Thus it is that ultimately 'The Right' are doomed and long term cannot win... and all you have to do is have the courage to vote for what you want, to vote for hope not hate, to vote for the soul of this nation and the future of your progeny, because...

Voting has the power to change everything.