Friday, 11 December 2015

The Back Stabbers.

The far right extremists in Labour [yes you all know who I am talking about] who for so long now have attempted to crush the very soul out of the Labour Party, removing from it all compassion, dignity, justice, democracy, fellowship, and honesty, and replacing those traits with the grasping greed that befits only a Tory; are seeking to destroy Jeremy Corby no matter what the cost.

For them it does not matter what the Labour Grass root voters think or want, for their view of the plebiscite is no different than that of David Cameron. We are serfs to them, peons who must bow to their dominion.  The Parliamentary Labour Party has become just another wing of the 1922 committee, and nothing the grass root say or do seems ever to have any effect upon their decision making.

Indeed quite the opposite is true. The more the grass roots call out for a man like Jeremy Corbyn, the more support he is given, the more clamour and heartfelt desire of the Labour Voter for a socialist peace loving man, the more the PLP seeks to destroy him.

They are willing to sacrifice anything and everything upon the alter of their perversion, and this truly is what they are - 'Perverts'.

They have perverted what it means to be Labour. They have turned the Labour Movement over 25 years into a cell of far right extremists, and what could be more extreme than somebody standing up in parliament, ignoring the will of the Labour Movement, and speechifying with grand rhetoric for us to continue with a policy of perpetual war for war's sake without any clear plan, or indeed understanding beyond the profit margin - what that call for war means.

These MP's call themselves centrists, they call themselves Left Leaning Capitalists, they claim to be socialists, they demand that you and I look upon them as Labourites, but in the dark of the night they sharpen their knives and ready themselves to strike at whomsoever opposes their foetid rule, and always, always, ALWAYS, they take every opportunity to stab Jeremy Corbyn in the back.

The Blairites [and despite the false claims of some of these backstabbers to the contrary, they are ALL Blairites] would rather see Labour spend 30 years out of office than see Jeremy Corbyn win the next election. And the reason is clear, for if Jeremy does, if this principled and decent man wins the next GE, then they are utterly spent as a force.

Ergo Corbyn must be destroyed no matter the cost, and if that means they wreck a ruin on the Labour Party, and piss on millions of people's heads who want him as the next Prime-Minister, then so be it, that is what must happen. Justice and Democracy must not be allowed to prevail, after all, if such a time ever came to be the norm, most of them would be in jail, and their poster boy 'Tony' would be handed over to the women of Iraq for their summery Justice.

From Simon Danczuk to Liz Kendal there is not the width of a sheet of papers difference between them and George Osborne.

Chuka Umunna is no different to Iain Duncan Smith, or Jeremy Hunt, or David Cameron. And this list of backstabbing Labour MP's who routinely betray the will of the people is by no means a short list.

Hilary Benn or Tom Watson, they are all backstabbing warlocks, and all seek the ruination of Jeremy Corbyn and a return to the good old days of Blairism.

What matter to them if children go hungry? 
What care they if bombs they voted to drop rip children apart? 
What disquiet do they feel by their constant refusal to oppose the Tory pogrom against disabled people, who die in their thousands because of David Cameron and Iain Duncan Smith? 

What concern is it to them if Labour is out of office for 30 years? They are sitting pretty on £74,000 a year plus expenses!

These people are betrayers, oath breakers, they are 'Warlocks'.

And one day, many years from now, our grandchildren will look upon these times and see the list of Warlock's hiding within the Labour Party, and be utterly ashamed of their conduct in exactly the same way that we all now feel revulsion towards those who vehemently opposed female suffrage.

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