Monday, 4 April 2016

All in it Together?

Since time immemorial politicians have known that their power remains a 'transitory grace' lent to them by the populace. Caesar knew this truth and bankrupted himself several times keeping The Plebiscite on his side. In fact it was this truth, ignored by his assassins, that I believe ultimately did for them.

What The Panama Papers prove once and for all time is that those with all the money, and thus all the power, think of themselves as Untouchable, but only - and this is key - only if we The People do not know about their nefarious activities.

They are utterly terrified by the thought that us - The People of the world - might discover the full depths of their depravity and greed.

It haunts their waking dreams.

What struck me immediately the story of the Panama Papers broke was not just how many [sic] 'notable' people were on the list of shit-bags avoiding their tax duties [and we do not know them all YET], but rather that Mossack Fonseca, the Law Firm at the centre of this massive leak of offshore financial data, is only the 'Fourth Largest such company in the world'.

Think about that for a moment
Sit there and think about that for a moment and take it all in.

From current world leaders [cough] to high government officials. From world class footballers, to world renowned actors, this stinking pile of piss and shit touches every sphere and strata of the [sic] World's Elite.

But down here in the mud where you and I live, the ordinary man and woman, the ordinary Tax Payer who is forced to pay their Tax Duty or face going to Jail, and or have their assets ruthlessly seized by the HMRC, down here where poverty lurks around every corner, the Elite's imposed AUSTERITY destroys the lives of millions whilst they, the pigs at the trough, these filthy disgusting scum, live fat off the hog of our endeavours and enterprise.

Poverty is a deliberate choice of the rich.

Tax is called a DUTY for a reason, and if you want to be part of our society, if you want to enjoy the benefits and protections of our society, then you must pay your TAX DUTY or got to jail - that is the LAW!
Unless of course - you are very rich and can hide your wealth from 'The People' offshore? Then the LAW does not apply to you. Oh no!

Now some right wing scumbags are running about shouting Tax Avoidance is not 'illegal' whilst our News Media here in the UK desperately scream about Putin and Assad [in a futile attempt to distract us and avoid linking David Cameron to the story].


'Our Laws are made by RICH MEN. Ergo the Law services the needs of The Rich. But just because they continuously pass edicts making their crimes legal does not make it Lawful, it only makes it Legal.'

Now the veracity of this statement can be seen in their actions.

If what they were doing was Lawful they would not try to HIDE their activities from the rest of us. Ergo it stands that they know that what they are doing is shameful and immoral and that therefore - they must hide their actions from the rest of society to keep their prestige and thus their power intact or face the plebiscites sanction. All of which brings me to the point of this bit of prose.

I have said this before but it is worth repeating over and over until it sinks in.

'We are the power. We the people are the true power and the elites fancy is exactly that - a fancy, a mirage, a castle built in the air without any solid foundation.'

We 'The People' if we UNITE against their dominion can bring them down and return this world once again to a more evenly balanced and saner time, but we have to unite. No more fucking about on the peripheries arguing about what is the best way to be a socialist, the SNP are better than Labour, Labour are better than Greens, Greens are better than etc, etc, etc.... that is all bullshit, and probably a lot of that is deliberately done to divide us. 

The truth is that we are all their victims, everything else is manure.

In a Democracy The People are The State. If instead of arguing the toss between ourselves we cast out those who would see us all enchained to the Neo-Liberal Crime Train and UNITE behind a group of truly genuine good men [like Jeremy Corbyn - Bernie Sanders etc] - we can bring down a just retribution upon the heads of these global criminals who rule the world with their misanthropy and hate, but you've got to want it.

You have got to want it so bad that you are willing to stand with your fellow citizen no matter what the criminals with the all money and power throw at you, otherwise you are fucked, and your children are fucked, and their children are fucked, and thus into the unseen future.

Is that really what you want?

From footballers to presidents the elite have fucked 'The People' over. time and time and time again.

Now what are YOU going to do about it?

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