Sunday, 3 April 2016

I'm Sorry, so sorry...

Peter Hitchens says "He is sorry for supporting Thatcher and the Tories."


This is a man who is held up by the Far Right extremists of the Conservative Party as a great intellectual, a man of deep thought, their answer to Benn. Now he says he has seen the light, that it was all a mistake, an error of judgement, that he was conned...

'Forgive me my sins oh father, I knew not what I did?"

Well the rest of us knew - we told him then and all the years in between but he persevered with his support of a rancid and criminal regime as he scoffed at any challenge to his intellectual support for Neo-Liberalism which sent millions of people to the wall.

But I suppose we must forgive him though, and spare him our condemnation as he has of his own free will in The Daily Mail Online 'denounced it all as a con trick' -  after all anybody can be fooled right?

 What should happen is that HE has to start at the bottom again - no keeping his place as a voice of reason and intellectualism, no printing his articles in newspapers, or seeing his fucking face on the TV as he espouses his bullshit to the nation and being paid to handsomely to do so.... but that is not what will happen.

He should be out in the long grass, but his sort never suffer for their past actions, their past rancid bigoted beliefs. [And let us be clear here, he supported Thatcher and her spawn not because he is an intellectual giant but rather because he is a rancid little misanthropic cunt of a man].

People like Hitchens never endure the vicissitudes of poverty and the vicious hardships deliberately imposed by a cruel government that his maleficent support for known criminals enables.

People like Hitchens never endure the attacks that the poor and the disabled people go through because of his VOTE and his many years of vocal support for monsters.

Hitchens and his kind suddenly have an epiphany and it's like they can walk on fucking water and to hell with those who fell because he and 11 million others chose to vote and support a criminal cabal of Tory scum. That has nothing to do with him... oh no?

Peter Hitchens sneeringly labels us as 'The Chattering Classes' and he could not give one fuck how many of us died because of the support of Tory Voters? And how many disabled people here in the UK have died since the Tories came to power because of people like him and his kind?

The answer is shockingly nearly 100,000 [probably even more since that figure was announced - you can ask Mike Sivier about that factual data].

Those poor bastards won't get to live out the remainder of their already difficult lives in dignity, free from fear, from maliciously imposed economic hardship, and the shame of being denigrated by the Tory Press which he still writes for, because they are already dead.

They died feeling worthless, not valued, hated, and alone as Peter Hitchens sneered about The Chattering Classes.


Peter Hitchins has said he is sorry...?

Well he can fuck right off, I don't believe him.

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