Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Who is Deceiving Who?


“Men are so simple of mind, and so much dominated by their immediate needs, that a deceitful man will always find plenty who are ready to be deceived.” - Niccolò Machiavelli

Remember in 2015 during the Greek crisis when the EU allowed financiers to destroy the Greek economy to profit themselves?

Let me state here that I am for Remain and Reform, but there is no way around the fact that the European Union acted with callous disregard for the lives of 6 million ordinary Greeks.
Again in Catalonia in 2017 the EU threw its full weight behind Madrid's efforts to suppress the Catalan referendum for independence and actively worked against this Democratic choice of its people.

These are I believe the Two core issues which fuel the ordinary Brexiteers {man of the street - not the super rich profiteers such as Gove Mogg Johnson}.

If Remainers focused their attentions of these issues then there is a chance the two sides could come together?

Alas the Remainer cause just like the Brexiteer cause, is led by elitist super rich monsters, who possess no morals or probity and, until this changes and the common man's fears of the EU's disregard for people is addressed I fear the Nation will remain divided

Now this is key because frankly, these so called Centrists mirror almost exactly the attitudes of far-right extremists in both their behaviour and words and, so commonly disregard the ordinary man's plight that I believe currently only a far-right government could win an election in the UK.

In other words; Remainers sow the very seeds of their own failure by playing directly into the hands of the super rich elitists who want to Leave the EU to profit themselves [Understand - these people care not for the plight of ordinary Leavers any more than their counterparts in the remain camp care for ordinary Remainers]

As I have said many times; the right-wing of  Labour [all of them Blairite Acolytes] would rather be leaders of a shit house than leaders of a Socialist Government in power and focused upon the needs of the many not the few.

Thus we are now through a mirror darkly.

Now people often tell me that what happened in Germany 1932 - 1945 could not happen here in the UK because "This is England, [generic term] and we are a Democracy."

Oh really?

Well so was the Weimar Republic, and yet in July 1932 during the federal elections the Nazi's won and can you guess who they killed first?

It wasn't Jews.
It wasn't Gypsies.
It wasn't Communists.
It wasn't Trade-Unionists.
It was not Academics or scholars, Poets or artists, philosophers or scientists.

It was Germany's most vulnerable citizens - the disabled.

If you rally a people against a supposed threat of 'the other' however preposterous that false threat might seem to anybody with a brain, you will divide the nation, weakening societies integrity to resist extremism and it will collapse.

This is entirely predictable.

The divisions in this country are not accidental, they are planned. We have been manipulated and conned, tricked and deceived by both elitist camps and in chaos there is one absolute truth.

The rich always get richer!

Welcome to the end of the Weimar Republic.

- Kanjin Tor.

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

History Lessons.

History teaches us two things.  Firstly that most of those who carry out atrocious crimes never receive the Justice they deserve. Secondly that most people not directly involved will turn a blind eye to any and all infamy rather than admit to history's truth.

The very first victims of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi’s [beyond killing former allies of theirs] were not purely Jewish.

Instead the vast majority were ordinary Germans who just happened to be ‘Disabled’.  The Nazi’s called this particular part of their genocidal plan to purify the Germanic Race and rid themselves of ‘Undesirables’ - Aktion T4.

Now the term ‘Aktion T4’ was thus named for the street address of the Chancellery department on Tiergartenstraße 4 in Berlin, set up specifically to carry the ‘Involuntary Euthanasia Program’ of infirm people that the Nazi’s deemed unworthy of life.

I stress this point of the Chancellery address because it is important to understand that it is from such banal and innocuous beginnings, that a policy of utter evil can be created and then hidden away in plain sight behind the mealy-mouthed words of politicians who espouse the grand facade of ‘HELPING THE PEOPLE.’

Thus it was that after an all too brief Medical Examination, these poor unfortunate souls were granted a ‘Mercy Killing’ [Gnadentod] and done away with.

Some mercy uh?

All Fascists believe they have a right to make judgements about the lives of those weaker than themselves!

This is not a statement of opinion; it is a statement of fact.

It should also be noted here, that the Nazi Government was easily able to find ‘Doctors’ [and other so called professionals] keen to implement their genocide and, that between September 1939 and mid 1941 these people; all of whom looked exactly as you, murdered some 70,000+ disabled people for no crime whatsoever other than being ‘incurably disabled.’

This period of the Holocaust was particularly nasty considering their victims, a great many of them children.

The ‘Mercy Killings’ were implemented by a variety of means which ranged from hanging children, to gassing children with carbon monoxide, to my particular favourite method of evil despatch, injecting carbolic acid directly into children’s hearts.

I make no apology for emphasising the murder of children here because clearly the Nazi’s enjoyed killing them.  The more defenceless the victim is, the more the ‘enjoyment’ a sadist derives.  This axiom is true with all sadists, and ladies and gentlemen, the Nazi’s were sadists!

It stands therefore that disabled children were their ultimate victim of choice.

Now as bad as all this was, and it was truly horrific, the Fascists were only just getting started.
By the end of the 2nd World War in 1945 the Nazi’s had managed to massacre 6 million Jews; 1 million five hundred thousand of which were children.

But once again it is important to note that this terrible crime was not just carried out against our brothers and sisters of the Jewish community.  At least 100,000 Romani people died at the hands of the Nazi’s; and probably more!

Then there is the tragedy of the Prisoners of War.

Between 2 to 3 million Russian Prisoners of War were systematically murdered.  The number of Polish POW’s massacred stands somewhere between 1.8 million to1.9 million.  And all this because the Nazi ‘Master Race’ considered these people as Untermenschen. [Sub-Humans].

There were of course other ‘Undesirables’, such as Homosexuals, religious groups, and black people?  Their fate was sealed the moment the Fascist seized control of Germany and if you believe it ended there you are clearly living in a Fact Free Zone.

But let us get back to the disabled.

By the end of the Second World War, the number of disabled people murdered by the Nazi’s had risen to approximately 150,000.  By then however, so many people had been slaughtered by the Nazi’s that the fate of the disabled became almost a sideshow.

This can be forgiven I suppose, the numbers of the dead being too huge for normal sane humans to understand; the horror of Auschwitz, Sobibór, Mauthausen and all the rest, too incomprehensible for decent human beings.

Or so history would have you believe.

What the Nazi’s did to the European Jewish community; and all the rest of their victims, is of course horrific.  But I personally believe that our own reaction to this terrible infamy equally damnable.

MOST Nazi’s escaped Justice.


We now know that most Nazi’s were actively enabled by the Allies to escape justice.

Oh there were a few show trials to be sure; and to make us all feel good about ourselves they hanged a few Nazi’s [too few], but the bitter truth is that the vast majority of Nazi scum walked away from their crimes scot-free; re-entering civilian life almost exactly where they had left off; many taking up positions of influence and power within the now two separate Germany’s.

This notion that the Allies won the war and then punished the evil doers is a myth.  It is in its own way, a stupendous crime and, it is perhaps because of this horrific and collective denial of what truly went on after the war ended, and our culpability in enabling the VAST MAJORITY of Nazi’s to escape Justice, that has led to certain monstrous voices today to openly claim that the Holocaust never happened.

I also believe it is why today, around the world, [and yes, even here in the United Kingdom of Great Britain,] various governments feel it is only ‘right and proper’ to once again openly victimise their disabled citizens and lay claim that they are ‘HELPING THE PEOPLE’ as they drive disabled citizens to despair and early graves.

This is what ALL Fascists believe.  They deem others less worthy than they and imagine that their strength gives them the ‘right’ to make judgements about the lives of people less able than they.
So I ask you all here, “How long before those who rule us again grant us who are disabled a Gnadentod?  How long before Jews, Romani’s, Homosexuals, Muslims, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Black People, and Disabled Children are again rounded up and sent to ‘Work Camps’?”

If you live in Great Britain all you need do is stop and ask a disabled person; they will tell you very simply and honestly that it has already begun!

But of course - they have been telling you for close to ten years now - haven't they?

As a none Jewish citizen of the world, too young to remember first hand the pictures coming out of Bergen-Belsen, I tip my head respectfully to every victim (no matter their race) who suffered at the hands of the Fascists, and to all those who disappeared from history up the chimney’s of the Nazi Death Camps I vow - "I will endeavour to remember them always and; that I will resist to my own end those who seek ever to take us back to the dark void."

Alas though I must add a caveat to that vow - because of late I fear I may be alone in my personal resistance and know in my heart that such refusal to bow down in abject obedience to the scum who victimise disabled people is a pointless exercise because from what I see every day on social media and the Main Stream News Outlets; the 'True Lesson of History' is our wilful collective ignorance and; our combined willingness to turn and look the other way when those in power - whose bigotry we secretly share - do unimaginably wicked things to our fellow human beings.



Friday, 29 March 2019

The Devils

Somewhere deep inside
We were connected
by our love
A pulse of raw emotion
That rises up above,
All our human vices
Our greed, our hate,
For somewhere deep inside
We all feared the night!

Yet somewhere deep inside
We fixated upon our needs
To fill the void with stuff
A buffer of voracious greed.
That guards our collective hearts
Against all that is good
For we have been bred stupid
And taught to
spill other people’s blood,
upon the alter of venality
and gluttony unbounded,
as the rich get richer
our society at last

All our dreams of decency
Are nothing but a lie,
And Hypocrisy is the grist
Of this collective lie.
That somehow we are
All virtuous and good,
But instead the reverse
Is true;
We are a devil called Beelzebub.
And the damned are

Friday, 15 March 2019


Here are some of my initial half-formed thoughts regarding the horrific shooting incident in Christchurch New Zealand.

Undoubtedly; alas undoubtedly - we will see various politicians trying to jump on the bandwagon of outrage and use the incident for their own nefarious purposes as the dead are replaced by their holy cause. 

Some will blame the victims [Muslims] for the crime and demand more expulsions, more immigration control, more demonising of the other. Indeed this is already happening in Australia.

Some Politicians will blame Social Media for the crime and demand we shut social media down or; impose crippling control on it in such a way that only the narrative of the elitists commands what we can say and think.

Other’s (Fascists of course) will glory in this defilement of human life and call for more not less violence against the 'others' and you all know what kind they are.

There are many false Stages that lead a society towards Genocide; such as...

The dehumanisation of the Other.

The mass polarisation of the general populace.

Convincing the populace for the need to do something extreme to resolve a non-existent problem.

The extermination phase.

Denial of complicity.

So what is real?

Well for a start we can all begin to admit to ourselves that cowardly right-wing white Christian men with guns, murdered unarmed Muslim people because they were cowardly right-wing Fascist scum and that the internet, immigration, and faith, had nothing to do with the slaughter in New Zealand – or Norway – or Srebrenica - or Auschwitz?

These scumbags in Christchurch are Fascists. They are right-wing extremists and; Fascists always end up killing people... always!  Creed colour faith none of these matter. If you disagree with them they will inevitably want to murder you. If you represent an opportunity to gather power for themselves through the false promotion of fear and hate, they will gladly exterminate you.  So in response to this reality is it not time that we went after the right-wing instigators of hate and jailed them - all of them - every single one of them?

Now you may say, "But that surely leads us to be like them?" and you are correct, but would you rather be dead?

Our forefathers knew how to deal with Fascists - it was a hard lesson and we need to return to that seat of learning. We can be nice after the Fascists lose...

Thursday, 21 February 2019

The Peacemaker.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of god. - Matthew 5:9

It can have escaped nobody’s notice (all those who follow me on Twitter of Facebook or read my blog), that I am against #Brexit generally - but for differing reasons to most.

My reason for staying in the European Union are pragmatic.  I believe the EU needs to be changed and that we (Britain) can only influence that change from within its institution.  Ergo; and never one to run from a fight that should be fought, I personally desire to remain within its folds so that we can create together a better European Community which can spread equality, compassion, and fellowship across the continent and hopefully, the world?

I am also acutely aware of the fact that this idea poses huge problems for many who view the EU as Evil Incarnate.  And it is true that Powerful Institutions are resistant to change and, that the men and women within the structure of an institution as powerful as the EU are opposed to any and all change which might bring about for them a loss of power and or prestige.

This is the essential nature of man; and it would be no different if say your low tier football club was suddenly merged with Manchester City’.  Local people who had supported that low tier team from birth would get pissed off - and perhaps rightly so, after all – Manchester City???

But all joking aside, when only two options are available people will choose option (a) or option (b) and that ladies and gentlemen - is how you split a populace and we become a nation divided.  It is that easy to sow hate and despite, to alter the fundamental ties which bind a country together and splinter the one man from the other, give the people a Hobson's Choice and watch the mayhem ensue.

It is not accidental.

This kind of division has deliberately been sown amongst ordinary people many times throughout history and the end result is always catastrophe - especially for the poor.  Brexit is no different in this and make no mistake - Armageddon awaits a population so bitterly divided – (whatever the credo might be) and whilst sometimes it may appear that this division is necessary it usually isn’t.  Usually; somebody somewhere is pulling some strings to achieve an end which will profit them at the expense of our collective unity.

It was ever thus!

In such times what a nation needs is not an authoritarian figure to unite the populace in some grand cause.  Germany tried that back in the 1930’s; it only made the Armageddon worse, magnifying a local catastrophe to the world stage, and 66 million people died.

What a nation needs at such times is a figurehead who, through democratic means and enduring persuasion, tries their best to reunite the two parties and find a middle ground; a man or woman who will listen to both sides of the by now virulent arguments and patiently bring the two factions together once more so that instead of violent emotion ruling our heads, our hearts and tempers are calmed and we can once more debate in civilised discussion all the issues which have made us weak and prey to men who see our division as mere opportunity.

This type of person is what we today call a Centrist.  A man or woman who through mediation and temperate discourse, pulls together two very different camps and brings them all under one roof, where one half of the country does not feel like it is being ripped off by the other half.

Jesus called such men and women ‘Peacemakers’ - and in the UK’s current political climate, where men and women are daily spouting falsehoods and slander to further their political cause, I can see only two political leaders in England who do not practice calumny and false smears - Caroline Lucas and Jeremy Corbyn; and only one of these is trying to pull both sides of the Brexit argument together so that neither side is left out in the cold hating the other - and that person is - despite what you may personally think of him - Jeremy Corbyn.

Every other English Political leader apart from these two have utilised Calumny in their daily speech.  Interestingly both Caroline Lucas and Jeremy Corbyn are denigrated by MSN, but only Jeremy Corbyn has endured their hatred every single minute of every single day - and that is entirely down to the fact that Caroline Lucas poses no viable threat to their carefully managed status quo; Jeremy Corbyn does - and thus do they seek ever to destroy him!

A ‘Centrist’ in truth - is one who tries to find the middle ground.  Indeed the Cambridge English Dictionary describes the word as “centrist: - someone who supports the centre of the range of political opinions,” and the only political leader trying his damndest to represent both camps with any dignity and compassion at all is - Jeremy Corby!

Isn’t it interesting that the only true ‘Centrist’ leader we have in English Politics; a man who does not want to high headedly ignore the votes of 17 million #leave voters or, ignore the votes of 16 million #remain voters, is the political leader who is daily brutalised by MSN (and indeed pig-headed #remainers and or #leavers who daily disparage the other camp - because only their way is the right way?)

The more I watch #Brexit unfold the more convinced I am that neither the #leave nor the #remain camp are moderate ladies and gentlemen.

Neither camp ever these days practice moderation in their language and even the most-sane within these two camps daily accuse the other of x y or z as they intemperately attack the others position; a trend which has become particularly cruel in recent weeks as departure date grows near towards those who are not in power or lack any prestige (and thus cannot effect any real change).

As such; and as this trend has grown - so too has the level of disinformation.   As a consequence of all the lies and half-truths so too has grown the levels of outright hatred for each other, thus dividing us even more.  It is a downwards spiral and can end in only one way.

Of course neither side will admit to practicing deceits and calumny, and how could they?  To do so would rubbish all their previous arguments and so; with an inevitability that mirrors a Greek Tragedy (see what I did there) both camps descend into an open hatred for their fellow countrymen and never once do I see people from either side stopping to think “How can we reunite after this and return to a moderate society where we don’t kill each other on sight for holding differing views?”  And of course there will always be extremists like the EDL or Tommy Robinson; shysters who will jump onto the bandwagon of generated hate to garner support for their stinking ideology; but isn’t that the real danger of #Brexit?  That through our collective despite for each other we allow once more a demon of the nether world to seize control and cast us all back once more into the welcoming embrace of Armageddon as Germany once did?

As it turns out ladies & gentlemen  the only ‘Centrist’ left here in the UK; the only person trying to unite both Brexit camps by finding the middle ground and entreat with both the same; the only surviving political peacemaker is a man who has long eschewed the violent overthrow of foreign governments, who has eschewed war and the warmongers who misappropriated the word ‘centrist’ as they plotted aggressive war (a crime under international law) and deceived the British people into doing so with their Machiavellian plans to kill people in far off lands and profit themselves;  the only Political Leader who is genuinely ‘Centrist’ and thus practicing any sense of #moderation is the far-left loony Jeremy Corbyn whom is - as we have long been told over and over by MSN and their bought and paid for political voice pieces, a political coward, - a Trotsky, a Terrorist Sympathiser, a threat to national security, a Commie and the owner of an allotment where he grows his own fucking potatoes and plots to unite the country; the bastard!!!

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of god,” said Matthew.

How infuriating?